IceInSpace Calendar Competition 2016 Winners!
Submitted: Monday, 4th May 2015 by Mike Salway

After running the IceInSpace Calendar Competition 2016 during June and July 2015, over 250 images were submitted and after over 1200 votes by the extended IceInSpace Community, the winning images have now been chosen by you! 

The following images make up your IceInSpace Astronomy Calendar 2016!

Winner and Cover Image

Aurora Treescape by James Garlick

James receives $250 cash and 2 free calendars.



Category Winners

Each category winner will be displayed as a month in the calendar, and will all receive the choice of $100 cash and 2 IceInSpace Astronomy Calendars, or 10 IceInSpace Astronomy Calendars.


Aurora Treescape by James Garlick, with 53.95% of the vote.

Runners Up:

by Dustin Wong (28.61%)
Dancing Fjords 
by inflowjet (17.44%)




Lovejoy by philiphart, with 41.48% of the vote.

Runners Up:

by Troy Casswell (30.15%)

Lovejoy Mosaic 
by PepeChambo (28.36%)




Whirlpool by AstroJoe, with 59.98% of the vote.

Runners Up:

by shiraz (28.20%)
Centaurus A 
by TR (11.82%)




Horsehead Region by AstroJoe, with 61.45% of the vote.

Runners Up:

by Troy Casswell (33.58%)
Lagoon and Trifid 
by Phil Hart (4.97%)



Solar System

Planets Mosaic by shiraz, with 48.90% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Phases of Venus 
by Shiraz (26.24%)
by John Hothershall (24.86%)



Nebula Group 1

The Smoking Man by Andy01, with 40.34% of the vote.

Runners Up:

by Paul Haese (34.47%)
Fox in the Mist 
by Paul Haese (25.18%)



Nebula Group 2

M78 Nebula by AstroJoe, with 51.51% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Rosette Nebula 
by Leonardo (31.78%)
by Greg Bradley (16.71%)



Nightscape Featuring Moon

Moon Over Mon Viso by Stefano de Rosa, with 42.38% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Foggy Monset 
by vk2him (41.65%)
Moon and Venus 
by Stephen M(15.97%)



Nightscape - Milky Way

Venus Illumination by Tros Casswell, with 45.88% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Galactic Flow 
by Mark Gee (27.47%)
Milky Way and Tree 
by Astro Jason (26.65%)



Nightscape - General

Bioluminescent Bay by James Garlick, with 47.84% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Bay of Fires 
by Troy Casswell (26.57%)
The Silver Rive 
by Capturing the Night (25.59%)



Star Clusters

Pleiades by AstroJoe, with 56.15% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Omega Centauri 
by Disco Duck (22.49%)
Jewel Box 
by Sky Viking (21.35%)



Star Trails

Tune In by Dustin Wong, with 58.11% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Oregon Coast 
by D Wong (24.37%)
Brisbane City 
by Stephen M (17.52%)



People and Sky

Universal Bonding by Mark Gee, with 42.95% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Lunar Luminescence 
by Helena Wisby (36.76%)
Watching the Glow 
by James Garlick (20.29%)



Congrats to all winners and thanks to the IceInSpace Community for your part in making this competition a success.

The next thing you all have to do, is buy plenty of calendars - for sale soon at the IceInSpace Shop!

The IceInSpace Astronomy Calendar 2016 will be available for sale in early August from the IceInSpace Shop.

Many thanks to David at Astrovisuals for teaming up with me and helping me to make this idea become a reality!

We'll run this competition again for the 2017 calendar, so keep your eye out around April/May 2016 for announcements of how and where to submit your images. 


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