IceInSpace Calendar Competition 2013 Winners!
Submitted: Monday, 9th July 2012 by Mike Salway

After running the IceInSpace Calendar Competition during May and June, over 250 images were submitted and after over 950 votes by the extended IceInSpace Community, the winning images have now been chosen by you! 

The following images make up your IceInSpace Astronomy Calendar 2013!

Winner and Cover Image

Rising Tide by Greg Gibbs (obsidianphotos)

Greg receives $250 cash, as well as 10 IceInSpace Astronomy Calendars, 5 IceInSpace Eclipse Glasses and 10 IceInSpace Stickers.



Category Winners

Each category winner will be displayed as a month in the calendar, and will all receive 10 IceInSpace Astronomy Calendars, 5 IceInSpace Eclipse Glasses and 10 IceInSpace Stickers each.


Dreaming of Iceland by Gunther Egger (slt), with 75.64% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Aurora over Spruce
by Phil Hart (10.81%)
Annie Lake Aurora
by Phil Hart (8.26%)
Aurora Australia
by Southern 40 (5.30%)




Lovejoy Swamp Reflections by Wayne England (Adelastro1), with 50.05% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Lovejoy over Riveland SA 
by Grant Schwartzkopff (18.76%)
Lovejoy Riverland Silhouette
by Grant Schwartzkopff (16.82%)
Lovejoy Twilight
by John Goldsmith (7.75%)
by John Lafferty (6.63%)




Spiral M81 by Martin Pugh (Martin Pugh), with 50.46% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Centaurus A 
by Mike Sidonio (27.01%)

M83 Southern Pinwheel
by Mike Sidonio (10.40%)
by Marco Lorenzi (7.85%)
by Rich Bowden (4.28%)



Globular Clusters

Globular Cluster M13 by Martin Pugh (Martin Pugh), with 42.61% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Nearest Globular M4 
by Rolf Olsen (28.24%)
Colours of Omega
by Rolf Olsen (14.78%)
Omega Centauri
by Mike Sidonio(14.37%)



Landscape Astrophotography

Rising Tide by Greg Gibbs (obsidianphotos), with 56.47% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Moon and Mercury over Brisbane
by Stephen Mudge (15.80%)
Ancient Skies
by Colin Legg (12.44%)
Trilogy plus one
by Craig Danvers (8.56%)
Planet Conjunction
by Humayun Qureshi (6.73%)



Milky Way

Scorpius and Rho Ophiuchi by Dave Liu (naskies), with 34.25% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Emu and Milky Way
by Roger Groom (20.29%)
Island Reflections
by Colin Legg (17.23%)
Spattered Milky Way
by Craig Danvers (15.49%)
To the Centre
by Craig Danvers (12.74%)




Moon, Jupiter and Moons by Dennis Simmons (Dennis), with 49.75% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Easter Full Moon Rising
by Stephen Mudge (17.84%)
Moon Pair
by Dennis Simmons (13.56%)
First Quarter Moon
by Dennis Simmons (11.21%)
Waxing Moon
by Erik Monteith (7.65%)




Rosette Nebula by Mike Sidonio (strongmanmike), with 30.00% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Nebula IC1805
by Martin Pugh (29.32%)
Horsehead Nebula
by Leonardo Orazi (18.14%)
Orion Nebula
by David Hough (15.29%)
Eta Carinae
by Humayun Qureshi (7.24%)



Starry Nebulas

Pleiades M45 by Phil Hart (philiphart), with 48.73% of the vote.

Runners Up:

IC2944 by Rich Bowden (20.80%) Corona Australis by Paul Haese (11.42%) Lagoon and Trifid by Martin Pugh (10.30%) Trifid Region by Marco Lorenzi (8.77%)




Planets and Moon to Scale by Tom Harradine (von Tom), with 31.19% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Planets to Scale by Ray Johnson (28.13%) Jupiter, Io and Ganymede by Tom Harradine (23.24%) Mars 2012 by Paul Haese (12.84%) Saturn Dragon Storm by Paul Haese (4.59%)




Magnificent Sol by Paul Haese (Paul Haese), with 71.76% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Towards Solar Max
by Peter Ward (21.81%)
Sun in Red and White
by Al Sheehan (6.42%)



Star Trails

Lake Moongerah Star Trails by Dave Liu (naskies), with 28.75% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Lake Wivenhoe
by Stephen Mudge (26.91%)
by John Goldsmith (26.10%)
Nimons Bridge
by Phil Hart (9.89%)
Lake Dunnottar
by Phil Hart (8.36%)



Solar Eclipse

Annular Eclipse over Texas by Bob Adams (AdamsBob), with 69.52% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Annular Eclipse Setting
by Jayden Newstead (14.37%)
Solar Crescent
by Jayden Newstead (9.79%)
Waxing Crescent Sun
by Jayden Newstead (6.32%)



Congrats to all winners and thanks to the IceInSpace Community for your part in making this competition a success.

The next thing you all have to do, is buy plenty of calendars!

The 2013 calendar has some bonus pull-out resources including 2 posters featuring ALL of the finalist images, as well as a Moon Map, Star Chart, Planet Rise/Set Times and more.

The IceInSpace Astronomy Calendar 2013 will be available for sale in early August from the IceInSpace Shop.

Many thanks to David at Astrovisuals for teaming up with me and helping me to make this idea become a reality!

We'll likely run this competition again for the 2014 calendar, so keep your eye out around April/May 2013 for announcements of how and where to submit your images. 


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