The 2015 CWAS AstroFest Coming Up!

Sharing this news on behalf of John Sarkissian:

The Central West Astronomical Society is pleased to announce the 2015 CWAS AstroFest programme, to be held over the weekend of 18-19 July. You can also find below more ways to keep in touch and stay connected with the CWAS AstroFest.

We have a stellar line-up of speakers this year, including the 2011 Nobel Laureate in Physics, Prof. Brian Schmidt, who will present the keynote address, "The John Bolton Lecture". We are also incredibly pleased to announce two very special overseas speakers; world-renowned astrophotgrapher, and founder of "The World At Night", Babak Tafreshi, and Dr Everett Gibson of NASA's Johnson Space Center.

Be sure to register for this exciting event. Go to the web site above and follow the links.

In addition, the 2015 CWAS "David Malin Awards" will be another highlight of the festival. See online for more:

So come along and enjoy the hospitality of the Central West and share with us this unforgettable astronomical experience.

John Sarkissian
2015 CWAS AstroFest
Local Organising Committee

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