IceInSpace Calendar Competition 2014 Winners!
Submitted: Monday, 24th June 2013 by Mike Salway

After running the IceInSpace Calendar Competition 2014 during May and June 2013, over 250 images were submitted and after over 1100 votes by the extended IceInSpace Community, the winning images have now been chosen by you! 

The following images make up your IceInSpace Astronomy Calendar 2014!

Winner and Cover Image

Orion's Sword by Mike Sidonio (strongmanmike)

Mike receives $250 cash and 2 free calendars, as well as 10 IceInSpace Stickers.



Category Winners

Each category winner will be displayed as a month in the calendar, and will all receive the choice of $100 cash and 2 IceInSpace Astronomy Calendars, or 10 IceInSpace Astronomy Calendars. They will also all receive 10 IceInSpace Stickers each.


Fire in the Sky by Colin Legg (colinmlegg), with 34.24% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Aurora Borealis
by Gunther Egger (29.09%)
by Jeff Maltzman (17.71%)
Ogilvie Mountains Aurora
by Phil Hart (11.47%)
Pink and green
by Jeff Maltzman (7.50%)




Pt. Willunga Panstarrs by Stephen Scheer (stardust steve), with 40.92% of the vote.

Runners Up:

C/2011 L4 Panstarrs Cape Schanck 
by Phil Hart (31.53%)
Comet C/2012 F6 Lemmon
by Phil Hart (17.34%)
Panstarrs and moon
by TBA (10.21%)




M51 Whirlpool Galaxy by Leonardo Orazi (Leonardo70), with 36.59% of the vote.

Runners Up:

M31 Andromeda 
by Leonardo Orazi (31.53%)

Centaurus A Extreme Deep Field
by Rolf Olsen (15.27%)
NGC 2725
by Martin Pugh (10.39%)
NGC 253
by Paul Haese (6.23%)



Milky Way

Milkyway over Norfolk Island Pine by Ian Mills (vk2him), with 24.66% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Our Galactic Core to Eta Carina 
by Troy Casswell (23.13%)
Sagittarius & Scorpius
by Warren Harrison (20.42%)
by Lincoln Harrison (18.61%)
Galaxy Reloaded
by Barry Armstead (13.19%)



Moon and Planets

Fly me to the Moons by Greg Gibbs (obsidianphotos), with 28.73% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Lunar Eclipse
by Phil Hart (25.65%)
Saturn Rings and Hexes
by Paul Haese (21.50%)
Crescent Moon
by Rolf Olsen (14.27%)
Jupiter and Moon Occ.
by Roger Groom (9.85%)



Nebula Group 1

Horsehead by David Fitz-Henry (David Fitz-Henry), with 32.25% of the vote.

Runners Up:

NGC6188 Red Nebula
by Jean-Marie Locci (29.54%)
Witches Broom
by Martin Pugh (26.6%)
by David Fitz-Henry (5.87%)
by Steve Crouch (5.69%)



Nebula Group 2

Orion's Sword by Mike Sidonio (strongmanmike), with 30.17% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Eta Carina Narrowband
by Martin Pugh (28.00%)
NGC457 The Owl Cluster
by Leonardo Orazi (15.18%)
Trifid M20
by Rolf Olsen (14.81%)
NGC7380 - Core of The Wizard Nebula
by Leonardo Orazi (11.83%)



Nightscape Group 1

Galactic Bow by Colin Legg (colinmlegg), with 24.75% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Moonset over Flinders Ranges
by Stephen Scheer (22.67%)
Cold Winter Night
by Munzel Shamsul (22.58%)
Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower
by Geoff Sims (20.05%)
Venus and Moon Rise
by Stephen Mudge (9.94%)



Nightscape Group 2

Room with a View by Greg Gibbs (obsidianphotos), with 33.79% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Moogerah at Night
by Munzel Shamsul (26.38%)
Stormy Moonrise
by Mike Edmondson (18.43%)
Cosmic Dreaming 
by Colin Legg (15.90%)
Geminids Meteors over Perth Observatory
by Roger Groom (5.51%)



Nightscape Group 3

Touching the Sky by Michael McCulloch (redomatic), with 42.91% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Stellar Beam
by Wayne England (26.38%)
Bottalack Mine
by Peter Menear (12.38%)
Jenolan Caves Milky Way
by Carlos Orue (9.85%)
by Colin Legg (8.49%)




Solar Corona by Phil Hart (philiphart), with 34.87% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Totality from Pormpuraaw
by Geoff Sims (25.47%)
Squished Ring of Fire
by Geoff Sims (20.42%)
3rd Contact
by Geoff Sims (12.65%)
Rubies and Diamonds
by Wayne England (6.59%)



Star Trails

Coolum Dawn 360 by Troy Casswell (cazza132), with 39.66% of the vote.

Runners Up:

by Lincoln Harrison (33.33%)
by Greg Gibbs (14.00%)
Star Trails over Brisbane
by Stephen Mudge (6.68%)
Greenbushes Star Trails
by Stephen Humpleby (6.32%)




Solar Flare by Ralph Smith (Solar), with 37.22% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Flare with Limb
by Ralph Smith (26.92%)
Transit on Cloudy Day
by Geoff Scott (20.96%)
Solar Sun Disc
by Ralph Smith (9.03%)
Hello Prime
by Paul Haese (5.87%)



Congrats to all winners and thanks to the IceInSpace Community for your part in making this competition a success.

The next thing you all have to do, is buy plenty of calendars - for sale now at the IceInSpace Shop!

The 2014 calendar has some bonus pull-out resources including a poster and star map.

The IceInSpace Astronomy Calendar 2014 will be available for sale in early August from the IceInSpace Shop.

Many thanks to David at Astrovisuals for teaming up with me and helping me to make this idea become a reality!

We'll run this competition again for the 2015 calendar, so keep your eye out around April/May 2014 for announcements of how and where to submit your images. 


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