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Old 04-08-2021, 04:37 PM
ubique (Hugh)
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Meade LX850 OTA in excellent condition, crinkle paint tube, superb dual speed Crayford style focuser that eliminates mirror flop and focus shift. This is a great feature and it really works. (The mirror runs on bearings not grease like on the older LX200 series and Celestron SCT's.)
I have mounted the tube which is about 5 years old on to a LX200 fork mount which was purchased in June 2010 from Bintel, the LX200 mounts are reliable and well proven over time. The mount is fitted with a Peterson EZ Clutch kit, absolutely essential to ensure log term trouble free operation of the clutch.
If anyone wants the OTA without the fork mount I will de-fork it for you.

  • Comes with 50mm right angle finderscope
  • Losmandy dovetail plate on top
  • Saxon 80mm f400mm Guidescope

Great scope for astrophotography, included are two custom made Hyperstar adapters that allows a C14 or a C11 Hyperstar to be fitted to this 14 inch f8 scope giving a focal length of f1.6. Both work equally as well as each other.

Yes I know you aren't supposed to be able to fit a Hyperstar to Meade ACF telescopes, all the keyboard warriors and arm chair experts tell you so in great detail on various forums. I have read most of them. Of course nobody has ever bothered to try mainly because they lack the machinery to do it. So please don't add a quote to tell me you can't do it. Over the past 4 years I have made Hyperstar adapters for a 14" LX200 f10, LX850 12" f8, LX850 14" f8 and an LX600 16"f8 and they all work.

The Hyperstar is basically a big reducer, have a look at the photos taken with this scope. Maybe not as perfect as those taken with a refractor over many hours, but at f1.6 you just need a few seconds exposure, no darks no flats no bias just 40 stacked frames, I am getting old and cranky and I need instant gratification I don't have the patience to take hours of exposures.

PLEASE NOTE THE HYPERSTARS AND THE CAMERA ARE NOT PART OF THIS SALE ONLY THE HYPERSTAR ADAPTERS ARE INCLUDED. If you want to do any Hyperstar imaging you will have to buy your own Hyperstar unit.

Clear aperture 14" (356 mm)

2845 mm focal length, focal ratio 1:8

Resolving power .325 arcseconds

Internal focuser, Crayford style, with 7:1 dual speed transmission

Mirrors made of borosilicate glass, correcting plate made of Schott Borofloat

Tube weight 63 lb 28.5KG

Secondary obstruction only 13.8%

I have the Original boxes so shipping isn't a problem.
I can deliver the scope to any shipping company in Brisbane or I can arrange shipping through Pack and Send.If you don't want to use Pack and Send you will have to arrange your own shipping. I have been through this before where I try to find the best shipping price but it never works, nobody is satisfied so find your own shipping.

Box dimensions - Telescope Box 80cm x 60cm x 132cm 70kg
Tripod Box 44 x 44 x 103cm 27kg
Total weight approximately 100kg

What this costs if you can find one-

Complete with fork mount A Meade LX200 14" f/10 ACF (the f8 is more expensive) computerised SC with Giant Field Tripod and with UHTC & GPS is </SPAN>$13,999 AUD and at Sirius Optics $14999 , Ozscopes don't have the 14" listed.

OTA ONLY A Meade 14" f/8 ACF SCT OTA </SPAN>with UHTC at Ozscopes is $9599 and at Andrews Communication $9499

PRICE complete with fork mount and Giant Field Tripod $7500 SHIPPING EXTRA
If you want the OTA only $5500 SHIPPING EXTRA

PM me if you are interested.
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ubique (Hugh)
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Old 25-08-2021, 11:51 AM
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I'm really tempted with this but hesitant for these reasons:
1. Don't know much about Meade's and how good they are. I have scoured the internet on this scope but can't find much. It doesn't help when they use the same naming conventions for their tubes and mounts. Meade as a company does not seem in a good position either.

2. How good is it for Planetary? Again, not much on internet that i can find. Would the fork setup cause rotation issues?

3. Weight is a big issue. I own an EQ mount, so ideally I would only be interested in the tube itself, but my mount can only handle max 21KG.


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