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Astrophotography Upgrade

Hey all,

I am currently thinking about upgrading my photography setup. i currently use an ED80 on an EQ6 mount, and use the orion mini auto guider for guiding, and Nikon d5500 to take the pics.

I am wanting to start using CCD, and upgrade my scope. i have decided on the Skywatcher BD MAK 127 6" F/11. I know that you need to get the specifics right when buying a CCD to ensure it matches the scope. but i am not too sure what i should be looking at? I was aiming for a mono, price range up to $5000 (including filter wheel).

Also, does this scope require off axis guiding?

Sorry i am all new to this
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Hi Carly,

I think you will be better off with keeping your ED80, and only getting a new camera with integrated wheel and OAG - something like Atik One. It is under $5k and filters can be gradually acquired. Having a camera, wheel and OAG in one box makes things easier and it eliminates a few potential gremlins.

F11 is very slow for astrophotography and thus more challenging to use; I would not recommend such telescope for astrophotography, unless you are after planetary imaging or like challenges
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If your just starting with CCD I'd suggest using a 'fast' scope as it just makes everything easier while your learning. I would look at a 8" imaging Newtonian, which will give you true colour rendition, fast at f4 or f5, and has the focal length to give you DSO options beyond wide field. A NEQ6 is a good choice as an all round EQ mount that would give you capacity to grow up to 10" Newts, or equivalent scope weight (basically imaging capacity is around 15kg for the scope and keep the total weight under 18kg if you can).
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for that money you could get an esprit 100ED super APO and a second hand QHY9. what are you looking to image? if you are looking for a wide FOV to image nebulas and larger structures, then this might be the way to go and it is a beautiful scope. having said that, an f4 newt with a similar camera will allow you to image all the but very largest of Nebulas.

newt with 8300 chip gives FOV of 59.7 x 77.6 arc mins
esprit 100ED with 8300 chip gives FOV of 86.8 x 112.9 arc mins

the newt will require more maintenance, i.e. collimation but gathers more light. the refractor is grab and go and will provide amazing images but you will have to image a bit longer to catch the same amount of photons
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+1 - agree that a Mak is not what you're after

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