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Been capturing what I can of this since 27/09 until last night - all of three nights that I managed to go out there.

I wanted to have a go at processing a galaxy to see if I could get the same pink and blue areas I see in a lot of the deep space section images.

I think I figured out the workflow in pixinsight now. This is just very basic noise reduction, color calibration and masked stretch the same as I usually do, but this time I spent some time build creating some decent masks, tried a few methods, but in the end its just extracted L and minor adjustment with range mask. Once stretched I used mutliscale linear transform to adjust the bias of larger structures down (while masked) to reduce the background color a little, then the same thing (mask inverted) to adjust the bias up slightly for the smaller scale layers both times with chrominance as the target.

After that I set the target back to RGB and biased the small and medium structures a touch to sharpen a tiny bit. Finally adjusted with curves transform and color saturation processes with no masking, which I may have gone a little too far with.

There is a column defect in the QHY10 sensor which can still be seen if you look, but I wasn't trying to figure out how to remove defects so I left it for now. I also noticed the collimation has gotten quite a bit worse between the first and last subs, but too late to fix that now.

43 x 300sec guided @ -10 guiding was really quite bad I have pretty bad DEC issues once its near the zenith that I'm still working on.

Vixen R200SS with paracorr (making it 920mm/F4.6)

It probably wasn't the best choice of target, its a bit small, but I think I'm on the right track workflow wise with how to get those nice pink and blue regions to pop out a little. I used the dark structure enhance script to try and get some better definition as a final step but it didn't really change much.

Are there other mechanisms or process that can be used to bring out some of these colors in galaxies I should try?
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I cant help with advice to bring out colour but must say I like the subtle colour presentation that you have achieved. Well done.
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Thanks Alex - I knew they were in there somewhere. Pity I can't get the DEC axis dialled in better, this one has been ideally placed directly overhead for the last month. A little more resolution of the internal structures would have been nice.
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You keep the blue stars in, and the red stars are very prominent, so I really like that part of the view. Blues can be very hard to see in some shots I've viewed .

Nice work
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