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jahnpahwa (JP)
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Originally Posted by Em3xus View Post
Hi everyone,

Just registered today to ask some questions on beginners gear to buy for my wife.

She's wanted a telescope for years now and we finally have our own home and a good few places to put it. She also had a Canon 5D Mark 3 camera and would like a DSLR compatible telescope to take deep space pictures.

I'm finding a lot of different kits online but unfortunately many are out of my price range. Wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of something relatively cheap (2-3k maximum for everything minus the camera) that can take deep space pictures and has a mount for a DSLR?


Great budget, if it was me I'd go for an heq5pro and skywatcher ed80 package from andrewscom.com.au for 2700. Get a t-ring for the camera and perhaps a cheap guidescope and camera in a couple of months and there is nothing stopping her from taking sensational pics, even of some larger galaxies, and certainly of many wonderful nebula!
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Em3xus (Michael)
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Originally Posted by jahnpahwa View Post
Great budget, if it was me I'd go for an heq5pro and skywatcher ed80 package from andrewscom.com.au for 2700. Get a t-ring for the camera and perhaps a cheap guidescope and camera in a couple of months and there is nothing stopping her from taking sensational pics, even of some larger galaxies, and certainly of many wonderful nebula!
That looks perfect coming in the one package Thanks jahnpahwa!
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Gday Everyone

How we doing just purchased my first skywatcher 10inch from gummy.

As new ones weren't available missed out on my first 8inch from gummy but a nice guy introduced me to this forum and what a excellent forum I have realised and spewing I didn't find it earlier.

So far just been observing the stars and a few planets (Jupiter with its 4 moons/Saturn/mars and of course our own moon.

Anyway happy for use to accept me.

Cheers Tuz

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rahulkhanna (Rahul)
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New Adventurer

Hey Guys, I am new to astronomy. Just bought Celestron 4Se (didn't do much research before buying though). I have been watching Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and our own moon. I'll be happy to know other experiences with what it is capable of and what modifications I could do to enhance output. Thanks all.
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Rheita (Anthony)
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New to the forum, kind of.

Hi, long time lurker here. What a great forum this is!
I have been interested in astronomy as a hobby my whole life.
In my childhood my father would allow me to use his spotting scope in the back yard to check out the various celestial objects.
As a young teenager when my pocket money allowed I purchased a 70 mm refractor from Australian Geographic and got a lot of use out of it.
Then when I was at uni I upgraded to a Meade LXD 55 10' schmidt newtonian.
This did me for a lot of years and at one point I even started to dable in astrophotography. Sadly in the last few years it has not been touched, mostly because I now have young kids and that kind of scope does not work so well for us.
I have been looking around for a new scope for a little while now and after reading a lot of reviews I am thinking maybe the Celestron Nexstar is the scope to go with, either of the 4, 5 or 6 inch. I am also wondering if the Meade EXT might be a good option.
Anyway my criteria are:
- goto star finder is a must
- quick set up is a must ~15 minutes
- portable as possible, we are planing a 9 month trip around Aus and it will be coming with us
- robust as possible as it will spend a decent amount of time in the back of a car
- ability to use a Cannon 60D with it is a nice to have
- budget <$2000

It would be great to hear from anyone in a similar situation that has purchased or used these scopes. Also I welcome any other scopes that would fit the bill that I have overlooked.
Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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Hello, IceInSpace community!

Just wanted to say Hi! Iím starting on this forum but I hope I can learn and expand my knowledge related to astronomy and astrophotography. This summer I started astrophotography with my first CCD camera.

During the day a software architect Ė by night amateur astronomer.

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Rod1448 (Rod)
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Beginner looking at setup ideas


Only a beginner in astronomy as recently bought an 8" Dob. and very much enjoying searching the sky's. I have found this to be a great site with so much information so decided to join up.

I'm enjoying it so much that I have decided to look at building an observatory at my place so I can house an astrophotography scope. Possibly looking at a HEQ5 or 6 mount with a Skywatcher 200/1000 ATO tube and Evostar 72ED guide scope with ZWO tracking camera, etc???? Still researching what might best suit a beginner and would like to use my Nikon DSLR for the photos with the recently purchased T-ring adapter. Any input would be greatly appreciated as I may need other stuff that I haven't even thought of or, my idea might not even work. Every time I look at photos in this forum they have what looks like hundreds of cables running around the scopes so I'm sure there will be more but maybe the extras are for later once I get the hang of it.

Also hoping to get some help with ideas, etc. for an observatory. Have googled lots and so many different types but most are in northern hemisphere so don't know exactly what I should be looking for here at Singleton NSW including build location/orientation. It might be very similar to other countries but would like to know for sure before I start. I'm assuming uninterrupted views of SCP would be a good start. I have looked at the Skyshed plans and don't mind this design but any help from years of experience would be greatly appreciated. Even the telescope pier, concrete or steel? pros and cons? There are so many options and questions for everything. Head spinning.Thanks in advance.

I will place these questions under the appropriate forum locations as well.


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Wez (Wesley Lamont)
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Heya everyone,

Just an introduction. I'm not to astronomy though interested for ages. I have lots of questions I'll ask in the appropriate forums as its all quite challenging.

I'm in Perth and just purchased a Skywatcher 400 Dob. I'm trying to work out the correct optical pathway for planetary viewing and eventually DSO.

I'm starting optically but will aim to move to a Mirrorless Camera at some point in the future.

I am also aiming to make both a equatorial platform and GOTO system for the SKyWatcher but that is a long term plan.
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PererHigham (Peter)
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Hi people,
Iíve been into Astro photography for roughly 16 years now. Slowly getting better and spending more. I have a SkyRover 115mm apo triplet and a celestron 9.25edge HD. I have a iOptron cem60ec mount and a few different Astro cameras, CCDs and CMOS. Would love one day to have a roll off roof observatory but I still have a permanent set up I just cover at the moment.
Cheers for now.
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tempbark (Benjamin)
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Hi all, I took the plunge into deep sky astrophotography back in July and have been slowly learning and building up my kit. I have always had a passing interest in astronomy ever since I was little. Looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone here!
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Estram (Michael)
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Hi All,
I have just gotten into astrophotography in the last few months - started out with a DSLR and a Star Adventurer, and having loved that, decided to step up to a William Optics ZS81 and HEQ5 PRO. Still very new to it all but loving learning all the technical aspects! Hope to share some images in the beginners section soon.
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first post

Hi All,

just getting started here, any good pointers for beginners?
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Finbar (Barry)
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Hi all.

Had meant to post an introduction for a while, , but keep getting distracted.
First interested in stargazing as a child in PNG - the view some nights in the Highlands was awesome. So long time interest, primarily eyes only, then binoculars (birding). Dabbled a little later with borrowed telescopes, but recently, after so many decades, decided it was time to get serious (visual, not imaging [yet]). Have enjoyed many nights here, and love sharing views with neighbours and friends (though some are slow to learn to turn off their wretched torches and phone flashes). But we often have only 1-2 hours before clouds roll in. Atherton Tablelands not the best place to be an astronomer.

Have lurked here and other forums for a while picking up valuable information - thanks all in this brains trust. Now happily expanding equipment via classifieds here - so thanks all again.

Finbar, Fin, Barry
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GJH4208 (Graham)
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Thanks for adding me :)

Hi everyone.

Total newbie here lol, so thanks in advance for all this wonderful information. I'm about to be lost in here for the next few evenings reading everything.

I live in Jacobs Well Queensland, it's nice and dark, so not a bad place to break out the telescope every now and then. However of late, the damn mosquitos and clouds have taken over my front yard and night sky

Now 57yo, I've always been an outdoors guy, with a love of fishing, boating, footy and motorcycles, until the inevitable Melanoma's appeared and the hospital visits begun in 2020. Hence the reason for my new "night time hobby". I'm fine now, just a bit more carved up than I was in 2019 lol.

I went all out in the pursuit of optical excellence for my first astronomy setup, purchasing an exquisite piece of engineering for just $100 from China. A Newtonian on a somewhat unstable mount, with a focuser best operated with a set of multi grips. Anyway I loved it and for a few months, it prevented me from destroying something precious and much more desirable.

Recently I upgraded to a used, but mint condition Orioin XX12G Truss Goto Dobsonian. I was so pleased, as I sold a guitar that cost me $300 and fully covered the cost of the new telescope

I couldn't believe it, I actually now owned a real telescope! Of course, I quickly bolted to the shop and bought two NASA shirts, as you do, so I'd look the part in my front yard, inside the tall fence, in the dark by myself haha

The new telescope came with goodies from Farpoint, Tele Vue, Orion "Stratus Eyepieces", a filter carousel and a number of diagonal attachments, so once these clouds disappear, I'm sure I'll be in for a treat.

If you are in the area, or want to set up here one night, feel free to let me know, you'd be most welcome.

I like to go events in Beechmont and Tamborine Mountain areas as well, so if you are at these events anytime, come and say hi.

Cheers and thanks for having me

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gabacus (Con)
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Accidental Astronomer

I have 2 daughters, the orders of which is 6. My brother was talking to her about starts a few months ago and she was very interested. He decided to buy them a telescope for Xmas. He found one online but didnít do any research first. When he told me about it he said ďI got them a 10in telescopeĒ, to which I responded ďare you mad?!Ē. He didnít realise telescopes sizes advertise the diameter, not the length of the tube. He thought it was a little tabletop thing. So now I have a 10in dobsonian in my house. While unexpected, it is very welcomed. Itís one of those things that Iíve always wanted but didnít really have the time to invest in it. I will have to make the time for it now! All I need now is a clear night... Not many of those in Sydney lately
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Welcome to IceInSpace
Congratulations, you now have a great telescope.
Relatively easy to use.
Good for beginners and seasoned observers.
Good resale value.

All positive.
Now all you need to do is find a local observing group, who will keep you keen, and encourage you to develop your (and your daughters') observing skills.
And they generally have access to good dark viewing locations.

All positive.

Ask any questions here, we are a friendly mob, and too happy to help.
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sneaks (Paul)
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Hi all. Been lurking on and off for awhile, but finally bit the bullet and got a Star Adventurer Pro 2i and a 600D off gumtree. Will attempt my first polar alignment tonight and some basic exposures. Not expecting much, but it will be fun learning.
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Originally Posted by sneaks View Post
Hi all. Been lurking on and off for awhile, but finally bit the bullet and got a Star Adventurer Pro 2i and a 600D off gumtree. Will attempt my first polar alignment tonight and some basic exposures. Not expecting much, but it will be fun learning.

Welcome aboard Paul ... polar alignment is THE thing to crack and it's easy ... once you've figured it out that is. Ask away and you'll get someone to help you in no time at all!
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sneaks (Paul)
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I had a successful first test. Polar alignment took me an hour, because I could barely see the stars required through the alignment scope. The sky is quite bright here in inner Melbourne. I don't know if I could do it again with a moon out.
But I got it to match the pattern in the scope quite nicely. After that it seemed to track really well - but what do I know haha.

This is a zoomed in shot (55-250mm lens, only one I have atm). 30s capture to see if it would star trail on me.
There is some squiggly stuff which I think came from pressing the capture button on the camera. I should have put a 2s timer on or something.
(Intervalometer/camera control cable/etc still coming in the mail.)

It was fun. Now to learn how to process an image....


Question: the image has red pixels randomly throughout the image. Is that normal? Or is my camera sensor dodgy?
Thanks guys.
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The random red pixels are hot pixels, most stacking software can remove them with dark and bias frames,

In a pinch you can use a stereo 2.5mm audio cable for a remote trigger, shorting the tip to the sleeve will take a capture, equally shorting out the sleeve to the ring will make it focus, and for most canons turn off the screen, with dramatically increases battery life.

Right now I'm using a lab power supply as an intervalometer... and worked this stuff out, its an odd sensation when the intervalometer is the most expensive part of your setup.
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