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Afatnuglybloke (Jim)
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Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 GY (2015) software update

Hi all...I have the above mount. It does not have a USB port. I need to update the firmware from Skywatcher site. I only have Macbook and Ipad. Mac has USB port.

1/ What cable do I need to connect mount to puter to enable transfer of firmware?
2/ When I look at Skywatcher download site, I can only see Windows firmware loader...Nothing that says Mac?.
3/ I will be connecting mount to ZWO ASIair Plus. Am I better off connecting from mount to ASIair or hand controller to ASIair?

Thanks Jim
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Dave882 (David)
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Hi Jim-
As far as Iím aware the firmware can only be uploaded with a windows pc and SynScan update cable. While there might be a software workaround, Iíd be really really hesitant to try alternate methods as the SynScan update can be quite dangerous if you use wrong cable/software. There is a very real danger of rendering the mount useless (I destroyed a GOTO dob by getting it wrong- so yes once bitten, twice shy). My strong recommendation is to leave the software as-is unless you need to do the update for some reason. If thatís the case, try to find a friend with a pc, and using the proper cable follow the online procedure closely.

I run my eq8 with the ASIAIR Pro. I use a usb cable from the bottom of the hc to the ASIAIR. You need to do a 2star align first and then itíll connect fine. A few glitches here and there (weird home position and Couple other weird things) but nothing too bad. I think there is a way to connect mount direct to the ASIAIR but someone else may be able to advise on this.
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Afatnuglybloke (Jim)
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Thanks Dave...I will heed your advice...Thanks so much for the warning.
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PaulSthcoast (Paul)
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Hi Jim.

You can connect your mount to the Asi Air via an EQ Mod cable.

Unplug the handset, plug EQ Mod cable into the handset socket
and directly into the Asi Air.

Open your app and select EQ Mod mount in the mount icon
drop box, and select connect at 9600 baud

Remember to power up the mount when you open the app.

I always press the 'sync to mount' function and the use the
'return to home' function before slewing to a target.

If the mount does not stay in the home or park position
after that process, simply loosen the mounts clutches,
manually return it to the home/park position and use
'sync to mount ' and 'return to home' functions again.

Don't forget to also select your preferred tracking via
the slide button.

You may need to scroll down through the page to
locate these functions as they are close to the bottom
of the app mount page

Then mount your hand controller in a nice glass case
on the wall with "break glass in case of emergency "
painted across the front !!

Hope this helps ?


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Afatnuglybloke (Jim)
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Thanks for that Paul...Too easy...Thats what I was looking for...Thanks again.
Regards Jim
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