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Old 23-10-2021, 02:51 PM
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Marko of Oz (Mark)
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Mount/Telescope cover

Anyone tried one of these?

I get heavy dews here and while I have a cover from bunnings for scope and mount I thought one of these would be good to also leave the laptop and associated cables and stuff all connected ready for night 2.0 etc.


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Old 23-10-2021, 08:59 PM
Startrek (Martin)
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I canít see why that wouldnít work , itís polyurethane coated so should resist dew
Great idea !!
When in Sydney, I leave my rig outside for weeks and sometimes months at a time ( less Laptop and camera )
I just use an Orion scope cloak for the rig and my outdoor workstation (stacking tub turned sideways on a study table with castors) just has a Bunnings tarp customised ( cut, folded and taped ) to fit over it ( photo attached )
All cables remain intact and wired in a 3 channel PVC flat duct along the ground running between mount and workstation. Double sided tap keeps the duct fixed to the ground
That rigs been out side since June this year and no sign of any moisture, mould , spiders , bugs etc... and mirrors in my newt are still pristine. Mounts in excellent condition too.
Before my NexDome was installed earlier this year , I did the same thing at my
Getaway on the South Coast NSW for years and weíre located 200m from the beach , again no problems with the salty environment, colder winters , dew etc... newts mirrors remained clean and mount is in great condition after a few years , no signs of rust or tea staining ( I do thoroughly lubricant my mounts )
Other than security issues , thereís no reason why you canít leave your rigs out in the backyard for weeks or months at a time using the appropriate weather covers and a well lubricated mount.

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Old 24-10-2021, 02:49 AM
PaulSthcoast (Paul)
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Hi Mark,

I have.....and continue to use something similar
to the 'dressing tent ' you have in mind.

My suggestions, from experience...

If you can, a piece of electrical conduit cut
and placed inside the tent...from diagonal to diagonal
To form an arch that spans from ground tent ceiling
and back to ground is a truly worthwhile investment.

I advise from experience, after having set up
with a small table and laptop inside.

A sudden change in weather.....as my location
is prone to, and the soft pliable roof quickly
fills in and then not only needs to drain...
and in my case..directly onto the laptop
below....and also.....

Any wind tends to employ it.

Peg it down !!!

My experience for what its worth.

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Old 24-10-2021, 08:59 AM
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I found after trialing many things the big issue was not protection from rain but from the Sun...it gets dangerously hot..my best solution was getting that insulation product sold at Bunnings that has aluminium thin foil one side which it attached to thin foam...I double this up so both sides have the alfoil out and make a cover that goes over the scope and mount...it could take rain but then I would use something like what you show us here...But one thinks "Suns out all is ok" but check the temperature of the scope and mount at least by touch.
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Old 25-10-2021, 03:01 PM
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It will work, I use one for a camp shower and it folds up to tuck in the boot of the car............BUT (there's always a but) You might want to practice rolling it up before taking it out in public. The instructions show in bizarre illustrations how easy it is....the harder you try, the more it springs out and attacks innocent passers by...you will yell and scream ...then it pops into place like it was meant to. Now I do it first try, second nature, all in the wrist action, just need to twist at the right time. As for the heat, you can leave the zip door partially open to assist venting.
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Old 26-10-2021, 08:54 PM
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Those shower tents or versions of have been a staple for the imagers at the Qld Astrofest for years. I would suggest getting a version that have strong supporting rods that can take the weight of a tarp. the tarp gives extra protection from rain and sun. Also the tarp blocks stray light from escaping from the tent.
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