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Comet Obs 6th & 7th June 2011

Comet Observations 6th & 7th June 2011
29P/ Schwassmann Wachmann
2011 Jun 06.43 UT; m1= 12.2; Dia= 2.5; DC= 3; 25cm L, f:5 (x39)
No tail, coma diffuse, almost even brightness with broad central condensation, slight interference by moonlight.
Comp Star= ASAS-3 104623+0219.6; Method= S; Cat= AU
C/2009 F4 McNaught
2011 Jun 06.44 UT; m1= 13.1; Dia= 1; DC= 6; 25cm L, f:5 (x83)
Coma is diffuse but shows stellar central condensation in periods of good seeing using averted vision, no tail, slight moonlight interference.
Comp Star= ASAS-3 113223-8054.1; Method= M; Cat= AU
C/2009 P1 Garradd
2011 Jun 06.75 UT; m1= 9.9; Dia= 4.5; DC= 5/6; 25cm L, f:5 (x39)
Coma slightly elongated to South, enhanced inner coma using Swan band filter, central condensation almost stellar.
Comp Star= TYC 5245-886-1; Method= M; Cat= TJ
213P/ Van Ness
2011 Jun 06.77 UT; m1= 12.9; Dia= 1.5; DC= 3/4; 25cm L, f:5 (x83)
Coma largely diffuse, small but noticeable increase in brightness of central condensation in periods of good seeing, enhances slightly with Swan band filter, averted vision.
Comp Star= ASAS-3 225001-0718; Method= M; Cat= AU
C/2011 C1 McNaught
2011 Jun 06.79 UT; m1= 12.1; Dia= 2; DC= 1; 25cm L, f:5 (x83)
Coma very diffuse, nearby stars made observation difficult, no tail, slight interference by zodiacal light.
Comp Star= ASAS-3 011659+1459.6; Method= S; Cat= AU

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