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Jupiter sketch 25-10-10

Dear all,

Here is a Jupiter sketch from last night in somewhat patchy seeing - moments of stunning clarity amidst more modest displays. I used 4H pencil, eraser and a smudge stick. No post eyepiece work.

Thanks for looking and any suggestions re technique as always.
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An enjoyable drawing, Paddy. Thanks for sharing it. It is nicely detailed. You must have spent a while at the eyepiece for that detail.

Tips technique wise? Nope. I like what you've laid down, .

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Nice job Paddy, looks like some fairly intricate detail in the NEB there. A fairly challenging target to do with a dob.

I agree with your assessment of the seeing, last few nights here had severely twinkling stars i.e. trash seeing in all likelyhood.
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Patrick, what a sketch! Gosh that must have been hard to do - especially those wave patterns within the belts. No suggetions - I love it just the way it is.
By the way, is that tiny black dot in the middle a moon transit, or an accidental bump of the pencil tip?
Thank you for sharing.
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Awesome observing Patrick,

The greater resolution of a big scope would make Jupiter a fascinating object .Though i can see considerable detail on Jupiter i am yet to see festoons and awesome definition and i haven't seen the GRS yet.It must be very elusive i have tried so many times.

Regards orestis
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Thanks everyone. Suzy it's not a moon shadow but a bit of debris that I forgot to wipe off the sheet before I photographed it. I need to look more carefully. Alex, it took about 30 minutes. I finally got around to getting the clipboard that you suggested quite a while ago instead of using a sketch pad. An interesting and unexpected boon of this simple device was that I could put my pencils in order in the pocket inside the jacket. I can't believe how much quicker and easier this made the process instead of fumbling in my pocket for a pencil, squinting at it under red light to find out what it was, dropping it, trying to hold 2 pencils and an eraser in my paw whilst sketching etc etc. Now I've just got to track down a clip on light.
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Nice work Paddy. You have picked out and rendered the details of Jupiter very nicely.

It would take a lot of words to describe what you saw but there it is for all to see. A picture is worth a thousand words.
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