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Interesting daylight objects

Today (midsummer here in EU, 27 degrees) was a crystal clear day so I grabbed my ED110.
The nights are so short on this high latitude and it is full moon now, that Jupiter is the only interesting night object.
But shortly after local noon (14:00 EUDT == 22:00 AEST) I found first the gibbous Mercury, then Procyon and then Pollux (+1.1) and even Castor (+1.9) only 15 degrees from the Sun. Even its fainter +2.9 companion was visible.
These stars are high in the sky here, in Australia they are low in the north.
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I recall being at the Siding Spring Observatory about 40 years ago. They wanted to show us something on a daytime tour and used the precision setting circles on the Grubb & Parsons mount of one of the smaller (24 /40 inch) scopes and pulled up a 2nd or 3rd magnitude star toward the zenith in a 4" f15 refractor guide scope they had parallel mounted to the bigger primary scope.
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Daytime stars are easy with a telescope as per previous post. Admittedly in europe you are at a significant disadvantage in terms of air clarity - here in australia the sky is blisteringly clear on a good day.

But... if you think that's remarkable... open up Sky Safari and wind the clock forward to the evening of 2018 October 17. ALL the planets and the moon are visible in the early evening.

Now there's a challenge. Pluto included.
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