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Globular Cluster: NGC 2808

Globular Cluster: NGC 2808 - viewed Feb 11 with Tak 100D

The globular is located between the False Cross and bright star, Beta Carina. It is visible in 8x40 binoculars.

EP:- Delite 7mm (105x). It is more condensed towards its centre, with stars only being resolved in its outer regions.

Remarks: The view showed promise at 30x, but I was disappointed with it at higher magnifications. I also wished for more aperture, but that said, I remember looking at it with a 12 Dob many years ago and thinking the view was not as good, as I was hoping for a globular of its brightness. I intend to view it again tonight with a C8, so let's see...

The globular is said to have had 3 generation of star formations, so the science relating to this cluster is interesting. There is also speculation that it could be the remains of a dwarf galaxy.

More Information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NGC_2808
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