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Venus, Mercury and Saturn in broad daylight

Inspired by Skysurfer’s recent Venus conjunction observations, I have been waiting for clear skies and time to do the same. See Skysurfer’s report at http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/s...d.php?t=155317

Yesterday was a typical Autumn day here in Tinderbox, crystal clear with the atmosphere very steady for the middle of the day. Observations were with my Vixen ED103S on Ioptron MiniTower Pro with LVW13 eyepiece giving 61X.

Venus was well past conjunction and about 15 degrees from the Sun, so still needed to take precautions. Wow what a sight! It was a fine, sharp bright white crescent set against the emerald blue sky. A true sparkling jewel. For me this is a much more pleasing view of Venus than the evening or morning views where the glare of Venus is overwhelming against the black night sky and the lower elevations play havoc with seeing conditions.

Mercury was on the other side of the Sun and about 18 degrees away. Mercury was much smaller and dimmer, but still very clear and showing about a 75% illuminated phase. Again, a very pleasing sight.

I tried for Mars, but could not see it. It was low on the horizon at the time which was probably the problem. I forgot to try latter in the day when higher in the sky.

Today I tried for Saturn, which was high in the NW sky at about 8.00am. Saturn was a fine, sharp white disc with the ring system also appearing white against the blue sky. An interesting sight, but of course nothing compared with night time viewing.


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Hi Steve, great effort and report. Daytime observing is great fun.
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