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How good is the warm weather?!

Bloody awesome. Geraldton tonight in the backyard in shorts and a tee shirt. Not one chill to see me rug up. Something flying across the backyard at a pace catches my attention as i can see it in the dying light. Pretty sure its a small bat or a massive moth intent on doing something before the night settles in to stay. Doesnt decide to make itself a crash test dummy and to my relief stays away.
How long has it been. A long time. Months at least since a friend and I gathered at his backyard in the cold. However a suprise, my optics aren't as dusty as i would have thought. A slight blow on the glass at the back sees the light dust fly away. Off with the front cap and hmm could be something growing on there. Seeing i don't have a magical cloth it will have to stay. Worry for a minute, then its over.
Tonight was about learning. Scorpio check, sagi, check, corona aus check, pavo check, capriconus bzzzt. So this is where i began.
Or almost. A quick check of venus proved its still as bright as ever. Moved up to mars and after a quick look stayed a while learning the stars that make up capricorn.
M30 was worthwhile looking for and was an easy find. A smudge of stars that make up up this glob glowing even for my 10 x 50 scope that usually hangs of my dob.
While I'm up this way i notice a planetary neb not to far away. Stop. No rush its at the top of aquarius so back down I go leaving the gem till after i learn another new constellation. This one's a biggy and dont know about you but aquarius took a while. Finally at the top and a quick star hop I am surprised. Not the usual small bright planetary this one takes after its constellation and is quite large. A very faint object and only visible with averted vision. Pretty stoked.
Moved to M2. At this magnification and scope size it is a challenge to find things. Especially with no tripod. Just my shakey hands propped up on the back of the chair im sitting on in reverse. Took a while but what could be taken as a star gave itself away as a glob with a slight fuzz around the outside. Confirmation with sky safari making my doubts desolve.
On to M72 however no luck. As much as i tried averting, swapping eyes it was not to be found.
Oh whats that close by. Saturn nebula. Well what the heck why not?
A little short of the detail I'm used to however this little star like object passed the blink test. Fading away everytime i tried to view it straight on. Ahh they are so flirty but just like a good woman when you think you got success they leave you wanting for more. Again stoked to be having so much success.
Not to be for the next target. M75 proved elusive and thats about the time the neighbours light came on. Darn.
Probably just the right amount of time perhaps to let it all sink in.
Tomorrow I'll be in Morawa so looking forward to some very dark skiez.
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A good night was had then
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