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Colour in M42

Good night of observing around Sydney last night with many of the main eye candy objects.

Seeing 6-8/10
Transparency 7-5/10
10" f/5 GSO Dob

The big surprise came right at the beginning, M42 Orion nebula. Tried to locate it, just for fun, in strong twilight. Rigel and Betelgeuse had just become visible naked eye in a clean sky. Could not see Bellatrix or Saiph yet.

M42 was found, and only the brightest areas were visible (no surprises there). BUT: a turquiose hue was immediately obvious. Not sure what was going on, but it may be to do with the colour of the surrounding twilight sky providing a colour contrast. I had seen colour in M42 before, but never the instant I saw the nebula. Eyepiece was the 16mm ES 68, exit pupil of 3.2mm.

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I have often noticed that, with colour noticeable in the nebulosity before dark more strikingly than in full darkness.
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Hi Mirko,

I am one of those in the group of people who when they look
at M42 see colour instantly, in my case both pale magentas
and turquoise green, irrespective of time after sunset.

Perhaps it was David Malin who I had first heard mention that he did
not see it in colour through a telescope himself that I realized not
everyone just sees it in colour as a matter of fact.

Best Regards

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I in good conditions sometimes see a tiny sniff of magenta but get the turquoise just about any time at home after dark, though I would call it closer to a blue than a green. This Saturday just gone I had a good look as the sky was still darkening, and a brief look later but got engrossed in other things and never got back there for the rest of the night.
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Hi All,

I have been seeing some colour in M42 through a variety of telescopes for a long time. In the inner areas predominantly cyan/turquoise. In my 12" and much more strongly the 18", in the wings under a dark sky there are subtle blues and in the 18, the outer areas seem to me to be weakly russet in colour (ie a pinky-brown).

But here is the question I want to ask (no it's not pointed, nor is it a trick question) Take a look at M43. Here in my 18" I see colour too (no hints) Do you see any colour in M43?


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