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Some clusters and nebulae in Vela and Carina

22/2/2014 Strangways Vic.

Telescope 400mm f4.9 tri-dob reflector
Eyepieces 28mm UWAN, 17 mm,13 mm Ethoses, 9 mm Nagler, Paracorr
Navigation: Uranometria, Night Sky Observer’s Guide
p=preceeding (W) f=following (E)

2200 Seeing good, transparency fair

NGC 2867 PN in Carina
250x 20’ bright disc with slight bluish tinge. Somewhat brighter on the p edge with several bright flecks. No central star seen. Brightens with both UHC filter & OIII and the impression of brightness of bright patches at p edge increases. Also looks a little darker in the centre.

NGC 2899 PN in Vela
250x Bright 1.5’x1’ irregular soft edged glow with complex brightening at the Np end which gives rise to thin extension heading into the centre of the nebula. Edges very hard to define. No central star seen.

IC 2488 OC in Vela
135x 20’x10’ wedge of 80-100 stars of roughly equal magnitude set in a very busy star field. Many curves, lines and patterns with quite a few close pairs make this a very attractive OC. Very obvious in finderscope, just p to N Vel.

NGC 2925 OC in Vela
135x Attractive cluster of 40-50 stars in a busy field spreading just beyond the borders of a 15’ per side equilateral triangle made by bright member stars. One of these corners is a close pair.

NGC 2910 OC Vela
135x 8’ triangular patch of about 30 stars in a busy field with a bright background glow, especially at the N edge. An S-shape of stars weaves from the N edge to S apex, a bit reminiscent of superman’s symbol. The background glow increases with a UHC filter.

NGC 2866 & Pismis 13 OC in Vela
175x Uranometria and NSOG have Pismis 13 as a cluster within the larger NGC 2866. The NGC/IC Project treats them as identical. Pismis 13 is a delicate and attractive 2’x1’ oval glow with about 10 faints stars resolved. The glow increases with UHC filter as does the brightness of a slightly larger but less distinct glow 2’ to the S of Pismis 13. Pismis 13 sits within a 10’x20’ NW-SE patch of brighter stars and patchy nebulosity (which brightens with UHC filter) – is this NGC 2866?

NGC 3247 Emission nebula in Carina
175x 4’ thick c-shaped soft glow with a few resolved stars and a delicate 30” knot of faint stars at the p end. Brightens with UHC filter.

NGC 3199 Emission nebula in Carina
175x 15’ N-S x 5’ p-f thick arc of nebulosity, concave f with a point extending to the p side. Brighter and more distinctly outlined with UHC filter. Not many stars – one thick patch to Np and a few at S end.
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