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Ngc 1360, 1535, 5189

Date: 29/01/14
Time: 9-10.30pm
Location: SE Perth suburb
Instrument: 10" SW dobsonian
Conditions: warm night with slight breeze
Seeing: nice night with no or very little twinkling of stars
Eyepieces: 25, 12.5, 9, 6mm UO orthos, (67, 96, 133, 200x magnification)

Object: NGC 1360 PN

Constellation: Fornax
Mag: 9.6
Size: 7.7 x 5.3 arcmin

Notes: this was a large and hard to see PN when looking directly at and really only just visible with averted vision. Seems to surround star CoD - 26 1339 but I'm not sure if this is the central star or not with the cast off shell being so large. Was still visible with the 96 x magnification but was washed away with anything higher. Only colour visible on this PN was a dull grey.

Object: NGC 1535 PN (Cleopatra's Eye)

Constellation: Eridanus
Mag: 9.39
Size: 0.8 x 0.7 arcmin

Notes: with the 25mm this PN was a beautiful dark blue and at 67x magnification it was the best to see the central star. Going higher in magnification would see the colour diminish however the detail became more pronounced but the central star became an object to be seen only with averted vision I found. Around the central star could be seen two different layers, one the easily seen inner cast off layer and two the slightly fuzzy and duller outer layer. Very nice PN to look at at higher magnifications.

Object: NGC 5189 PN

Constellation: Musca
Mag: 9.5
Size: 3.1 x 2.2 arcmin

Notes: an interesting PN in terms of shape. Challenging to identify exactly what is the correct shape with averted vision. At 67x magnification it is a grey irregular object with possibly the faintest of blue colour. 5189 behaves well with increasing magnification although I think at 133x it was at its best. The central star perhaps is long gone but TYC 9003 - 1874 - 1 seems to maybe be illuminating part of the nebula. Certainly interesting viewing.

Notes: this was a really enjoyable night with a couple of wonderful PNs. More so because they are quite different from each other. Thanks to Paddy for guiding me to 5189. I really felt like a donkey been drawn by a carrot when viewing this. Averted vision would just entice you with more detail but it was hard to make out just what the detail was. Just there but not quite reachable. Several times I changed eyepieces to find the right magnification and perhaps get a better view of this mysterious object but in the end I had to let it remain somewhat of an enigma. I plan to go over this one at a darker site to see if it helps. Sorry too for the lateness of post I got a little sidetracked over the weekend.
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