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Jupiter obs and sketch

Sat Night 20/11/10 started off with awesome seeing just after sunset, but sadly deteriorated to soup as the evening progressed.

The SEB appeared more obvious than in recent weeks, appearing as a diffuse grey belt. Some very low contrast festoon activity was seen, as was part of the equatorial belt. The NEB featured a rift for part of its extent and a large off-hanging region and an obvious festoon hanging off it near the preceeding limb. Some mottling and knots were seen in the NTeb and NNTeb, similarly in the STeb and SSTeb. Observed a transit of Io, the bright disk was striking against the grey background of the SEB. At times I could see Io as a pale orange colour against Jupiter's disk.

This is my first Jupiter sketch in 3 or 4 years. Used the 12" dob for this at 205x.
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Another great sketch and notes, Sab.
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wow... awesome sketch!!! i should really try to get a report dont but the damned clouds... grrr
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Great sketch and report Sab, thank you.
Your account of Io's transit sounds like an exciting visual feast, as does, the grey banding on the SEB you mention. It's been weeks since I've been able to view Jupiter due to poor weather. So frustrating not being able to see some of these changes, grrrr...
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Great sketch SAB credit where its due.
Cheers Kev.
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