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Obs report 30/10 FNQ

Our group snuck in an extra viewing night last Saturday (official one is this Sat) ... . weather has been sooo crappy all year, that a clear night has to be taken advantage of.
Was a clear night too!!! A bit murky and lots of dew, but we still managed to see a few goodies.
Obviously Jupiter was nice and easy, and a little shadow transit of Io was great.
Checked out a few stars, globs, galaxies and nebula.
Andromeda galaxy (M31) was great as usual, with M 32 and M101 in the same FOV. A real treat. Then found M33 in nearby Triangulum - a faint rounded nebulous object, no arms seen, but imagined.
Highlight of the night was the magnificent Tarantula Nebula!! Had been ages since I had seen it, which made it even better. This is a huge nebula in LMC, and is said that if it were in our galaxy, it would cast shadows!! Popped on the UHC filter, whammo.
Orion had now risen, so Orion nebula next, another stunning nebula.
Had looked for Comet Tempel hearlier, but no luck, but Comet Hartley was much easier. Nothing to write home about, but still a beloved comet, though small. Thought I could maaaaybe see a little fantail?? Views improved with my nifty comet filter.
Packed up and home by 0115 to take some pics of the Hartley.
Hoping this Saturday night will be a goody too.
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Hi Liz, it's great to hear you sneaked in a good night's
viewing. The Argo certainly helps when finding
objects. Just getting mine going and also becoming
accustomed to the various modes and menus.
Make the most of it, we are into the storm season
so conditions won't always be fantastic.

Cheers, Paul.
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Thanks for the report Liz.
Makes me want to slip an eyepiece into the RC and go on a tour.
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Hi Liz, I am glad you got some observing in
Do you have the ARGO working yet?
I hope the weather is fine for our Cambroon night this coming Saturday
If the weather is fine we will have a Special guest who I am dieing to meet
My knee is OK but still a little sore but that wont stop me observing
thanks for the report
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Great report Liz and lots of objects. Hopefully I will see some galaxies myself this coming weekend at a famed dark site. That's if a certain person stops talking long enough that I can get some viewing done that is . Yes, you know who you are...

Last edited by Suzy; 02-11-2010 at 01:40 PM.
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Thankyou all. definitely on the winddown up here for the next 4 months or so.

Paul - have been admiring your reports with the AN, you have done great. I do have one, but not up and going. On the burner for next year.

jjj - absolutely, but you are doing wonderfully with your astrophotography!! Still good to have a wee look occasionally

Ron - oh, forgot about your knee op, hope recovery goes well .... keep up that physio!!
No, poor AN - I havent actually touched it for a long time, a shame as Gary had given me more instructions, and coupled with your chat on phone .... I was nearly there, but now have forgotton everything ... again.
Good luck for this weekend - you guys in SEQ hsve had worse weather than us of recent times. Special guest, eh??

Suzy - good luck for your night as well.
do you guys chat a bit too/
I am a quietish person, but there is soooo much chat at our nights!!! Ha, its great and entertaining. Once we pack up, as getting late, we are still there 1 hour later ..... chatting.
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Great to see a report from you Liz, sounds like a fun night! M31 would look fantastic at your latitude!

Cheers -
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Sounds a good evening Liz. As Rob says, M31 must be quite a treat up there. I do love the tarantula - I can absolutely lose myself in tracing its various laneways.

Look forward to more reports.
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Thanks Rob and Paddy.
This Saturday is our official last viewing night for the year.
I will have another go at these 2 objects, and spend more time 'getting lost' in them, as you say Paddy.
Bit disappointed I didnt snaggle Comet Tempel again though Rob.
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Lovely read, Liz.

The range of climatic types across our amazing country is staggering. I feel peeved at our fickle sky here in Sydney, but it does clear eventually. But knowing that you are so challenged for nearly half a year must be soooo trying.

I've made a link to you brilliant thread "Got me a comet" in the beginners forum thread of 'what to look for in the sky this month. The fantastic descriptions of all the posters who've viewed it are such a fantastic resource. I for one will be following the visual notes made to bag Hartley this Saturday, .
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Thank you Alex ... good luck for Saturday!!
I know, its a huge country with conditions to match, but I wouldnt swap this area for quids.
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