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cleaning DSI IR filter

Have a MEADE DSI and the IR filter appears to be a little dirty.

Doing some terestial shots it looks like some raindrops on the computer screen.

Have tried a little isopropyl alcohol 70% with a lens tissue but not sure if it has done the trick. has anybody got any simple ideas that may work.

Am going to A/ Camp at lostock this week if anyone can help.

Also 2 questions: (A) is the IR filter needed all the time ?? (B) one american source suggested replacing with a screw in IR filter to go into the end of the DSI tube. Has anybody got any thoughts on the subject?

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Did you try the DSI without the filter to check whether the dust isn't on the CCD chip?

I'd agree with the screw in IR filter rather than the one that comes with the DSI. If you get a Baader IR/UV filter it can then be used on a webcam if you decide to get one for planetary imaging.
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Arther, You do not need an IR filter with the DSI. I have a screw on one, but I use it more to keep dust out rather than anything else. I intend replacing it with a light polution filter when I fix up a few other issues that I have at the moment. Those images posted in the 'PEC, am I missing something' thread were done with an IR blocking filter of the screw in type.(better pass band than the Meade version.)

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