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Old 13-10-2014, 06:24 AM
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APM 6" APO - Any Interest?

OK, so it was a moment of madness really wasn't it? I just can't part with it after all - perhaps one of my children but not the scope

I feel sure that one day I would regret it. The Russian LZOZ lens is such a fine example of quality optics. What I really need then is to swap my QHY12 for a mono camera so I can use it in from home using NB filters.

Hi folks, I am just ascertaining if there may be any people interested in acquiring a significant amount of fairly high-end equipment. OK fat chance, but worth a try.

Many who know me may be surprised seeing this, but given that it really only has an outing once a year at Astrofest and because I find myself actually far more motivated by wide angle astro imaging (love the fisheye) it may be time consider something different.

In short I have a complete imaging setup with the APM (TMB designed) 152mm APO refractor at its core. This is in near perfect condition (save for one minor mark on the tube where some sticky strap refused to come off neatly). I also have a Scopeguard case which was over $1000. There is also a Tele Gizmos waterproof cover and....well heaps more actually.

Worth noting that it comes with the Starlight motor focuser (a brand new recent addition which is a much stronger motor than previous version shown in the photos), a Ricardi field flattener, custom adapters, rings, cables etc. The QHY12 would also be available or I could sell this separately, after the main equipment is sold. In fact there is far too much equipment to name here - the pictures gives an idea (the curved pic is obviously taken with the fisheye!).

I have it sat on an EQ 8 - which I will not sell independently of the scope...(well not unless the OTA goes first at least).

It is next to impossible to put a price on this because I can't even remember the amount of money I spent on it but rest assured it cost me a small fortune which means any sale would be a loss to me and a gain to you. Don't, however expect this to be ridiculously cheap - happy to entertain any fair offer but I would need to recover a sensible percentage of what it cost me otherwise I am stuck with it

I can tell you that in about 2008 I bought the bare OTA for #5500 (GBP - damned keyboard doesn't have a pound sign) and it now retails in the UK for close to #8000! On top of that, extras, extras, extras -I know you all know how that goes

I know this is a long shot because the number of people interested to commit that much money to such a system is small - but if you have the dosh you have a ready made system that has been painstakingly put together. If you have been at the QLD Astrofest in the last couple of years you will have seen it. The attached photos were all taken there.

I am keen to replace it with something I could use much more often - and am thinking of a Canon 300mm f 2.8 or 400mm f2.8 (L series of course) and so I would certainly consider a part exchange. Also looking for as 24mm f1.4 L series.

Thanks for reading.
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Old 13-10-2014, 01:22 PM
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on the Mac (OSX) Hold down OPTION and press 3 (instead of SHIFT)
On Windows if you have a numeric keypad ALT and 0163 I think.
Or copy and paste the from here
Old 13-10-2014, 01:47 PM
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I just use "GBP"

Good luck with the sale, Chris.
Old 13-10-2014, 03:22 PM
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Thanks Peter, I'm using Windows but no keypad on my lappy either - no big deal though. I thought about finding one to copy but couldn't be bothered

Thanks Rick - a very reluctant sale - although mostly not expecting to find a buyer so I'll probably still have it at next AF and by then I'll probably be thinking glad I didn't find a buyer

It just seems silly having such expensive equipment that gets used so rarely and now we have bought a house in a light polluted suburb an observatory seems a bit pointless too. I'll see if there is anyone sufficiently excited by the prospect. It is after all absolutely fantastic gear.

Perhaps someone just wants the OTA in which case it wouldn't be so difficult to sell the rest separately I guess. I'm pretty sanguine about not selling
Old 18-10-2014, 12:40 AM
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I thought that the QHY12 was spoken for, at least that's what I keep telling Anne-Louise.

Serious kit there and I wish that I had the cash, but alas I don't. Good luck, Chris.
Old 18-10-2014, 08:16 AM
ad602000 (Pete)
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windows international keyboard

GBP = Shift+Ctrl+Alt+4



apo, refractor

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