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G11 restart

Have decided to get my G11 out and set it up again for imaging. After chemo and open heart surgery it's time to really start again. I bought a Seestar and it is fantastic but time to get the big guy out. It hasn't moved in nearly 8 years. What should I do to have it serviced or will it be right straight out of the box? What software should I run now? What about tracking on my ed80 and operating my old cameras. Looking forward to starting again but a long journey. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Frank in Maitland
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First check the main controller battery

I had mine idle for nearly 10 years didn't need any servicing
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Frank as said replace the Motherboard battery. Plug in motors etc....boot, it'll come up CMOS reset...that ok just lost all SRAM data

Enter data as per manual, mount type, time zone offset lat/long (minus for latitude is south), UTC using gemini format, Gemini UTC display (yymm.dd: hh.mm.ss).

I generally set slew and got speeds at 500-600 to lower noise and less motor strain.

As for the mount...yeah its been sitting a bit you might want to see how the axes feel rotating by hand clutches undone......and obviously all the grease is not very lumpy. Yes you can clean re-grease the bearings....it'll probably need it buy now. But essentially it should work but might be a bit "gummy" on worms & bearings and clutch pads may need clean up etc

Of course the Gemini FAQs may help rekindle the mind.

cheers, good luck

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