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Exclamation Need help!

Looking to buy a few accessories for my scope but need some advice.

Telescope: Celestron 130SLT

Items needed: Moon filter, Barlow x2, Collimator, Solar Filter, Telescope cover

Here are the items below that I am looking at.

(i can get this for 200 from the US inc shipping)

(i can get this for 60 from the US inc shipping)

(is that brand any good?)

Telescope covers. There was a thread somewhere but I cannot find it anywhere. It had some low cost covers that I want to try out.

So basically should I go for the all in 1 kit or is it better to buy the items separately?

Also need a sun filter and was linked to a product where you can make your own, can you get one already made?

Would like to lock down some choices tonight.


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Getting new Celestron bits from the US can be a pain. Celestron's contracts with their retailers does not let them sell outside North America. Shop around the Oz distributors and you might find better prices.

Bintel sell solar filters but I'm not sure they have one to fit your scope. You could ask. MyAstroShop sell Baader and Thousand Oaks. Look on the Thousand Oaks site for their list of sizes. I'm about to send an order for a couple of TO glass filters.

Telegizmos do good scope covers.
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Rob P
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I know this isn't usually recommended on this site but a couple of the items listed can quite often be found on ebay; specifically the eyepieces and filters. For some reason, out of all the major brands, Celestron seems to consistently have a lot of equipment available on ebay.

BTW, the box set of eyepieces also includes a moon filter; however I've no idea how it would compare to the one you have listed.

Good Luck
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The kit lenses are ok, but like all Celestron products in Oz, are overpriced. If you are spending $500, you are much better off buying second hand ones from here, at least you know theyve been looked after.
Where are you? You should try to go to a star party or two and try out some lenses before parting your wallet.
And welcome
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Hi Stefen.

I would recommend the minimalist approach and start with just the scope and collimator.

That way you can test your initial enthusiasm without spending too much.

A scope of that size probably does not need a moon filter or those coloured filters either. They just block too much light.

Also I would not recommend the Eyepiece Kit.
With 130SLT's short 650mm focal length I think the extra eyepieces in the kit would be wasted.
There is just not enough difference in magnification between each one to justify having so many. The kit is quite expensive too.

The Celestron 130SLT comes with a 9mm and 25mm eyepiece.
The barlow might be a good idea if you are happy with the eye relief of the 9mm. Otherwise a good quality 5mm, or so.

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04Stefan07 (Stefan)
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Thank you everyone!

I am in Melbourne.
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Originally Posted by 04Stefan07 View Post
Thank you everyone!

I am in Melbourne.
There are a few Melbourne people here. Keep an eye out on the star party forum listing. There is one at snake valley this weekend, outside of ballarat. I am sure Ken and others will introduce you to various scope and eyepieces.
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Langaandy (Andrew)
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i bought all of the parts seperatly through bintel and got a reasonably good price but they now have this kit,


my friend bought it for his and they are quality eyepieces and it has everything you want but a solar filter.

be aware that the solar filter needs to go over the end of your telescope and as such they all cost around the $100 mark


i would also advise using a moon filter as well as the solar filter for better definition
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Poita (Peter)
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If I was going to spend $500 on eyepieces I'd rather get the ES 6.7mm ($100), 18mm ($149) and pick up a 2x televue barlow ($129), or a similar pair of sizes (say an 4.7mm and a 14mm and the barlow)



You will have spent <$400 and will have eyepieces that may well last you a lifetime.

The ES eyepieces are brilliant, 82 degree field of view, waterproof, wont fog and you will effectively end up with 3.4mm, 6.7mm, 9mm, 18mm eyepieces by using the barlow. Or pick a pair of sizes that suit your viewing habits better. You won't outgrow these eyepieces even if you upgrade your scope, and the 82 degree view is way more encompassing than the 52 degree field in the kit eyepieces.
You won't really use the coloured filters at all in my experience.
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ausastronomer (John Bambury)
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I would advise you to "AVOID" these eyepiece, filter and accessory kits. Generally all of the individual components are of low to mediocre quality and they are overpriced.

I would recommend, as some others have mentioned, accumlating some high quality bits and pieces second hand as you go. As for moon filters, I would recommend you get a variable polarising filter as opposed to a moon or neutral density filter.


If you buy good quality eyepieces and accessories from the start you will be able to keep them for decades, even when you upgrade scopes. Further, you will always be able to sell them for not a lot less than you paid for them. Cheap low quality astronomy accessories on the other hand have a very minimal resale value.

In addition don't assume because something is sold by one of the big name "mass produced" retailers/distributors like Meade and Celestron that it is necessarily a quality product. The eyepiece and accessory kits from both of these manufacturers are made in the far east and are pretty low quality. Meade and Celestron have made and sold many good products over the years, but they have also sold a lot of lower quality products over the past 3 decades. The classic of course were the Haleys Comet scopes produced in 1985 and very early 1986.

John B
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130slt, accessories, celestron

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