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My First Telescope (Tah dah!)

Howdy everyone,

I am wondering what sort of accessories I should get for my first telescope, a Celestron CGEM800.

I'm aware that the general advice is probably use it for a while and build you r accessories slowly.

However, (there's always a 'however'), I shall be in the US shortly and would like to pick up some gear while I am there because the price is SO much cheaper there. So i will be taking advantage of those prices.

The telescope will be used for astrophotography and for viewing, so any suggestions on what to get?

so here comes the inevitable barrage of questions

eye pieces/filters:
celestron have 1.25 inch and 2 inch eye piece and filter kits, what are these like? the cgem 800 takes a 1.25 inch eye piece is there any advantage in using 2 inch eye pieces using a 1.25 inch to 2 inch adapter? is there a way to change the 'visual back' ( i think thats what someone called it) to be a 2 inch visual back?

f/6.3 reducer/corrector.
are these specific to particular OTAs, ie do I have to buy a reducer corrector specifically for a CGEM800
How is this used and will changing the visual back effect that?

Celestron Tele extender deluxe:
I read that this is useful for terrestrial photography? How is it used?

Should I repost these in the astrophotgraphy section?
what will i need?
Celestron sell a piggy back plate, is that all I need for piggy back mounting? or do i need a special bracket for the camera aswell (canon 400D)
When using the OTA as the camera lens, I will need a T-Ring and a T-Adapter? Do I need specific ones? Do I need anything else? is there a way to mount the camera and and eye piece at the same time?
What is a radial guider?

thanks in advance,
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