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'Dead pixel removal program"such a thing?

Hi Folks

I did some basic long night exposures recently,(50D)and found one annoying red

bit of 'noise' or 'dead pixel',its always in same spot,regardless of time exposed

I used the ICNR and that made it go away.I imagine 'dark frame adjust' will also

work.Should I be overly concerned? I have heard people use the term "Dead pixel" so wonder if this is what it is.I also have heard people talk about 'Dead pixel removal program",is there such a thing?

If so,if anyone has any advice please let me know,Thank you.

I will try and post in some offending pictures,if need be,but I imagine the above description will give enough information to the advanced photographers on this forum.

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Hiya Chris,

I had this website bookmarked from some time ago for a friend. http://www.pixelfixer.org/ Not sure it is would work. I honestly have had no need for these type of programs, but it might be worth a look, seeing how it's a free download

(Thanks Chris, I've just found a dead pixel on my 11.9999 month old ASUS 21" monitor )
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