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Dust lanes using dual NB filter

Hi All,

A question for those in the know. I’m currently working on a horse head and flame image and I have a question.

I religiously use an STC Duo dual narrow band filter with my modified DSLR mainly due to very heavy light pollution. I’m not sure what wavelengths the dust clouds below the dark Nebula of the Horsehead emit/reflect and I’m wondering if I will be able to get detail in it or by using the filter, all I’m going to get is the silhouette of the head and that’s it ?

This is also going the then be questionable for the dust lanes between M42 and M43 in my next project.

Thank you in advance for your help.



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you'll get detail and lots of it
There may be a slight red cast you'll have to process out but the best thing will be the the smaller stars
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Hi Ryan,

The red-glow around the horse head silhouette is mostly H-alpha so the filter will give you some nice contrast there and it should turn out really nicely. The rest of the object is broadband and reflection nebulae rather than emission and the filter will tend to block most of that. The passbands for the duo are 10nm wide for each band. That's not the tightest around but it's tight enough that you will take out of the reflection nebulae. M42 is bright enough that it won't matter but M43 has some reflection nebulosity that you might miss.

I guess there's no harm in trying and it might turn out differently.
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