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Old 01-04-2024, 07:48 PM
roughy (Mark)
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COM Port Connection Problems

Hi all
Looking for some advice and assistance. Got a conflict that is not allowing the mount to connect in EQMOD. This is for my portable setup on the AZ-EQ5 with the Pegasus Astro mini power box and a Pegasus Astro EQdirect USB lead.
This happened yesterday out of the blue and was the first time Ive had to go to Device Manager in a long time.

Software hierarchy:
1. Windows 11;
2. EQMOD allows the mount to connect and be driven by Voyager and PHD2;
3. PHD2 guiding;
4. SkyX as a planetarium only;
5. Voyager.

Hardware connections (2 USB ports on the laptop):
1. Mount direct to laptop via EQdirect cable to USB 2 port.
2. All other gear via the Pegasus box to the USB 3 port on the laptop.

Previously, plug in all cables, turn stuff on and fire up Voyager and all worked well.
As of yesterday, EQMOD does not connect the mount. I can get it to connect and drive it if it is the only thing plugged in.

With just the mount connected device manager reads COM3.
With the mount and Pegasus box connected device manger reads COM3, COM3 and COM4. Herein I believe is the problem. It is picking up two COM3 connections and causing conflict.

Any thoughts or suggestions. I have done the usual of changing which port cables are plugged into etc.

Looking for superior IQs to provide an elegant solution.
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Old 01-04-2024, 09:14 PM
Startrek (Martin)
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Try these items below -

Download the latest version of EQMOD ( EQASCOM ) 12th May 2021

Important Download
Pegasus Astro EQDirect relies on Windows 11 updates to install the appropriate driver for the FTDI chip in the EQ Direct cable. Sometimes this may not occur and it’s probably more reliable to manually download it via the Shoestring Astronomy Store. Shoestring Astronomy were the first to develop and sell the EQ Direct cable approx 15 years ago for EQMOD

Shoestring Astronomy Virtual Com Port ( VCP driver for FTDI chip ) for your Bintel ( Shoestring Astronomy) USB EQ Direct cable ( www.shoestringastronomy.com ) This is the most important item and allows your Laptop to find and connect to the mount through the Shoestring EQ cable .Hopefully your operating system is on the list for the VCP driver ( Go to The Shoestring Astronomy Store then “Downloads” then “Software” and then select “Virtual Com Port Drivers for USB2EQ6 and USB2EQ5” ( VCP Driver for FTDI devices ) this opens the FTDI page. Go to the Supported VCP Drivers table. If your using a computer with Windows 7 , 8 , 10 or 11 then choose the first section in the table under Windows* go across to the RHS under Comments and this is where you find out how to download the FTDI driver ( you can use the “set up executable” or just read the installation notes and it shows you how to download and set up for Windows )
NB: You can use other brands or manufacturers EQ Direct Cables but be cautious as some have inherent driver problems etc.. Shoestring Astronomy worked directly with EQMOD to develop the correct cable for the EQ Direct method of connection between mount and Laptop.

Since your using Windows 11 go to the Prolific website and download latest driver version for Windows so your EQ Direct cable can talk to the mount
I think the latest version is Dec 2023 ?

Check your baud rate in Device Manger , Com Ports
For EQ Direct cables baud rate should be 9600
For Standard USB cables baud rate should be 115200

Go to Device Manager , USB Controllers , Power Management and then uncheck “Allow computer to turn off this device to save power “

Have you tried to connect to the mount using only EQMOD Toolbox (not through a 3rd party software ) ?

Don’t physically change USB cable port positions, keep them the same as before when everything was working ok

See how you go will all of the above as a start

Hopefully other folk chime to offer more assistance


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