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Obs report, 18 Sept 2011

Took the little Tasco out last night to observe a couple of comets and ended up doing a bit of a random tour (chartless).

Obs Report, 18 September 2011

Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm, Sun 18 Sept 2011 (UT+10)
Location: Bright, Vic
Telescope: Tasco 4.5” f8 reflector on Alt-Az mount
EP: 21mm Celestron X-Cel (43x)
Transparency: Fair-good, sky a little bright in areas
Seeing: Fair

Comet C/2011 Q4 (SWAN) in Virgo: Low and in a little skyglow from town. It was very small, only a very faint roundish glow about 1' in diameter visible in averted vision.

Comet C/2009 P1 (Garradd) in Hercules: Its brightness seemed a little down to last time I saw it, a couple of weeks ago. The almost starlike central condensation was very difficult to see. Coma diameter around 6', and about 10' of tail was visible in around PA 120.

NGC 6720 (M57, Ring Nebula), PN in Lyra: One of my better views of this object, a tiny delicate 'smoke ring' at 43x. Not often easy to make out the darker centre but great tonight!

NGC 6853 (M27, Dumbbell Nebula), PN in Vulpecula: Another great view, strong glow with the dumbbell shape quite clear. Cruised through some Milky Way starfields in the general area, wonderful!

NGC 7552, NGC 7582, NGC 7590, and NGC 7599 (Grus Quartet), galaxy cluster in Grus: Didn't spend much time here, transparency was poorer and only the three brightest members were visible, faintly. These galaxies provide a good test of transparency for me and I often use them when they're in the sky.

NGC 6891 (M27), GC in Aquarius: A rather nondescript little globular cluster, appeared around 5' in diameter, not particularly condensed. Tried to find NGC 7009 (Saturn Nebula) nearby, but with no chart and not remembering the exact position I didn't luck out.

Cruised around, saw lots more including GC favourites 47 Tucanae & Omega Centauri; Tarantula Nebula in LMC, etc.

Cheers -

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Nice observations as always Rob. Interesting to have the comparison of brightness of Comet Garradd. Impressive also the detail that you could get in M27.
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Good to see a report from you again Rob!
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Great observations Rob,Interesting to see you mention the dimming of Comet Garrad might take a look myself.

Thanks for posting,
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Thanks all.

Originally Posted by Paddy View Post
Impressive also the detail that you could get in M27.
Probably a small scope thing Patrick. I'd imagine that at 43x in a 10" or 12" (or 16"!) M27 would burn your eyes out, and you'd need some serious magnification to see any detail. With my scope at 43x, the delicate ring pops out easily in averted vision - direct vision is a tiny pale disk.

Cheers -
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