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Transit of Europa

What to do on a 95% moon washout! Watch Europa transit Jupiter and also have a look at the GRS following the shadow.
This was the first transit of Jupiter I have observed and quite frankly I have often wondered if my scope would be up to the challange.
I used the 13mm Nagler with a 2.5X Powermate giving a magnification of 192X. At this mag. the shadow was quite small (understatement) but obvious, and while easy to see with eyepiece alone I found that the use of a #12 yellow filter helped some by increasing the contrast.
Unfortunately the seeing and jetstream cover wouldn't let me increase the mag. further.
Also had a look at Uranus and a few old faithfuls that could stand up to the moons glare, Antares, Alpha cent. and of course the moon.
I am now looking farward to a transit of Ganymede being a larger body should give a better shadow now that I know what to look for.

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Jup never disappoints!
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Well done, Wade. May you enjoy many more transits.
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