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Comet Obs 13th & 14th September 2011

Comet Observations 13th & 14th September 2011
C/2011 Q4 SWAN
2011 Sep 13.37 UT; m1= 10.7; Dia= 1.8; DC= 1/2; 25cm L, f:5 (x83)
Coma very diffuse, appears to have a slight elongation NW to SE, central condensation diffuse, averted vision. Enhances with Swan Band filter, no tail. Twilight, zodiacal light and moonlight interference.
Comp Star= TYC 6138-367-1; Method= S; Cat= TJ

2011 Sep 14.38 UT; m1= 10.7; Dia= 2; DC= 2; 25cm L, f:5 (x83)
Coma diffuse, slight elongation to NW, zodiacal light interference.
Comp Star= TYC 6138-574-1; Method= S; Cat= TJ

C/2009 P1 Garradd
2011 Sep 13.38 UT; m1= 8.1; Dia= 6; DC= 5; 25cm L, f:5 (x39)
Tail to SSE, 6 in length. Central condensation small but bright, very faint and tenuous elongation to NW. Tail visible using averted vision, coma enhances in Swan Band filter but tail does not enhance.
Comp Star= TYC 1587-696-1; Method= M; Cat= TJ

2011 Sep 14.37 UT; m1= 7.9; Dia= 10; DC= 3; 7x50B
Observation made difficult with bright stars in proximity to comet, no tail, bright inner coma.
Comp Star= TYC 1588-1028-1; Method= S; Cat= TJ

2011 Sep 14.39 UT; m1= 8.4; Dia= 5; DC= 5; 25cm L, f:5 (x39)
Tail 13 in length in P.A. 160, slight faint elongation to NW.
Comp Star= TYC 1592-953-1; Method= M; Cat= TJ

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Thankyou OBMY.

Yet to try Q4 but hopefully soon, and P1 is still brightening .... slowly, with a nice little tail.
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thanks. Great report.
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