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Old 07-04-2019, 01:35 PM
glend (Glen)
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ISO Values and Dynamic Range of Nikon Cameras

If you use a Nikon DSLR for Astrophotography, it is worth reading this article on optimal ISO settings for your camera.


Interestingly, a lot of Nikon Cameras are referred to as ISOless, meaning they show a linear relationship between Dynamic Range and ISO. As an example, for my D5300 the optimal ISO is 200, where the Dynamic Range is 12.6 .

Sadly, the very useful Sensorgen website is dead, so don't try to find it as the URL is for sale and you will just find ads to buy it. Sensorgen is mentioned in the above article, and was a source of data for it, but the information pertaining to Nikons is correct as it was published prior to the death of Sensorgen.

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Old 08-04-2019, 09:21 AM
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I’ve felt the same way for a long time. I used ISO1600 on my D700, ISO400 on my D7200 and D810 as I felt it it was the best compromise between read noise and dynamic range.
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Old 09-04-2019, 11:31 AM
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I vary from 400 to 1600 on my D800e. Just depends on what I'm trying to capture and my limitation of working from static tripod limits my exposure time so to gain signal I up the iso for grabbing a bit more knowing i need to capture more subs and have more noise to contend with at the end. If my target is bright I lower iso to 400 for better snr.I know my vis mag limit is about 13.5 so usually its the vis mag of my target that dictates my iso and collection efforts.
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