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Talking Found this interesting site.

Found a link to this site on the LX90 users group. The photography has to be seen to be believed and there's a link to a kit supplier for the camera used. It's availabla in various kitfom stages and is peltier cooled. Thought the imagers and tinkerers amongst us might be interested.


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From my limited knowledge on Peltier devices, they are very hungry for power, even the 12V kinds. Can batteries keep one running all night?

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Peltier devices are power hungry, but the peltier size for cooling a ccd chip would be very small so I would imagine that the power consumption wouldn't be all that excessive. Power supply requirements from the specs on the Artimus site say the camera needs 12V@0.5A and 5V@2.5A and I would imagine they are maximum values, I suspect that the current draw would be less once the CCD is cooled.
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Peltier details

I think you'll find that the 5volt @ 2.5Amps will be for the peltier device. It will require a PWM,(pulse width modulation), supply if it hasn't already got one. Depends on how it's set up. If you want to regulate the temp., then you'll need the PWM. If not regulated, then straight DC is O.K., but this will be a constant drain on the battery. Methinks this will not be a field unit, more a home observatory. As they stated in their blurb, an old computer power supply, running off 240 volts, would be more than adequate.
Really, not enough technical/camera info. available without further inquiries.
Have attached peltier details & parts list, from 'Silicon Chip' magazine.
ps. The kit is/was avail. from Oatley Electronics for $15.00.
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