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Takahashi FC100DC


My Tak is sitting around doing absolutely nothing, and while I'm sure astro will bite a second time, I don't like the idea of something like this sitting idle.

Its not a cheap scope, for sure, but I think this is a great value deal.
On offer is:
Takahashi FC 100 DC - 100mm flourite doublet apochromat OTA with 2" visual back.

Takahashi clamshell (classic Tak green)
Solid aluminium vixen dovetail
Takahashi 7x50 finder scope with stalk and quickrelease
Takahashi 1.04x flattener and adapters to fit this scope. Just plug and play your DSLR or astro cam with M42 attachment.
Geoptik carry bag - extra long so the flattener and finder can fit too.

Pricing these things up, this set up must be worth a lot to buy new. I think I paid about $2600 without the bag or flattener about 6 or 8 months ago. I'm asking $2200 for all of it. I had some good times with it and certainly don't expect those good times to be free That said, if you think this is a bit stiff, let me know?

Condition is excellent, but please don't take my word for it. I like telescopes and lenses and look after them but understand that lots of people have more experience and a keener eye for things than I do. With that in mind, I offer some pics here to show you what is on offer, but ask that you inspect yourself (or arrange a trusted friend in Canberra to do so on your behalf).

Points of note are the dovetail has scars from where I clamp it in my mount and the finder reticle illuminator is flaky. I'm not sure if its a battery issue or not, as I never used the finder.

Here are some links that might be interesting if you're not already on top of what this is. My take is that these 4" Flourite Tak doublets are great for lots of things and easy to move around. The DC is the only one that would really work with my AZ GTI mount as it is a good chunk lighter than the others.



I used mine for imaging a bit and it was good. The focusser is totally fine for the zwo 1600 sized rigs with filter wheel. And probably a fair bit more. The following thread might be of interest if thinking that a DC is a step down from the DF.
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Tak Fc100dc

Hi there. I would like to buy the scope

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We are up to 5 people now in line for this set up.
While its not 100% definitely sold yet, its looking likely. If you've not contacted me already perhaps hold off unless I update the listing with availability.

Thanks everyone for your interest.
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Thanks to all for the interest, the scope sold to first in line buyer this morning.


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