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Using a digital camera

I have an Olympus FE-20 digital camera that's just lying around.

Pic below.


I am very new to Astrophotography. A while ago I took a few photos of the moon and Jupiter and they came out ok. It was hard to get a clear photo because I was holding the camera manually to the eyepiece and it was hard to focus the lens on the eyepiece hole.

Could someone advise me on how to use a digital camera properly with a telescope?

I have read the webcam guide under the Projects and Articles review but since I have a 8 mega pixel camera I would very much like to use it!

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Hi Stefan,

Unless you can remove the lens off your camera you will be limited in the way you can use it with your telescope.

The type of photography you've done already is called afocal or eyepiece projection. With your type of camera, you can't remove the lense. So, think of it working like your eye does. The eyepiece "projects" an image of the star/moon for you. Then your eye/camera needs to focus on that image.

You can buy a mount which will help to hold the camera steady for you. Here are a few options to get your thinking ... (it might depend on what scope you have specifically) ...

Orion Steadypix Deluxe - Bintel
Orion Steadypix Deluxe - Amazon
Orion Steadypix for iPhone
Vixen digital camera quick bracket

The other method people use is called prime focus. This is done with a DSLR camera or CCD (webcam or some other CCD chip cam). The lens on the camera is removed and the camera is connected directly to the scope without the eyepiece. Think of it like the telescope being a really massive telephoto lens for the camera. This is where it can start getting very very expensive!

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