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lucas (Robyn)
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Vixen 10 Telescope


We have been directed to this site.

And would love some help as im doing this for a friend. This is her husbands and he is now in a nursing home.

She has asked me to find a price for her husbands Vixen VMC260L It has a Sphinx Computer tripod and comes with several eye pieces.

My friend contacted where her husband bought it from and they remembered him. They said he purchased the top of the line.

How much would this telescope be worth?


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I will jump in here and have a stab at it.

This Vixen is a modified maksutov scope with a long (3000mm) focal length so may not appeal to many observers.

However I would think it would sell on the used market at between $2000 and $3000. It may be worth more, but you would have to wait until the right buyer appeared.

The mount may be more desirable than the scope and you may be asked to split. My advice is to say "No" unless you have a buyer for each part.
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gts055 (Mark)
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I agree with John B that the VMC260L telescope might have limited appeal and would say a value around $2500 if its in very good condition. The Sphinx mount with Starbook computer and tripod might be around $1500, giving a value of both together of $4000. Eyepieces and other accessories would need to be listed to give some idea of value. Regards Mark
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Definitely do not split this - sell it as one lot, complete.
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Good points made below. The VMC260L would have a limited number of potential buyers. Costs around $4600 from an Australian dealer new at current exchange rates. Say somewhere between half and two thirds of that for a second hand one. Nice set up though. I think the mount would go reasonably easily as there are more potential buyers but the telescope would be harder to shift as it is a more unusual item.
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I think 3000 would be about right. Given that the used market is a bit soft 4000 is too high. You can start at any price and drop the price incrementally but I would start no higher than 3500.

If the eyepieces are branded Televue, Takahashi or Pentax they can be sold separately for decent prices.

If you place an ad in the classifieds include photo's of the gear and a photo of the big mirror at the rear of the tube. Don't touch or wipe the mirrors.
Good luck with the sale,
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Now where's Lewis..? He'd be worth consulting here.
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Actually, the Sphinx won't bring much if it is an SXW or SXD. If it is an SXD2 or SXP, then yes, it's worth some money. The SXW and SXD are $1200 TOPS mounts, although they are VERY VERY good and highly under-rated (much better than the Chinese mounts like the HEQ5 etc).

The VMC260L is a bit of a conundrum. $4600 new in today's market (depending on focuser). Certainly a better scope than the GSO RC's of similar size, and streets ahead of Meade and/or Celestron SCT's, but it is a large instrument (not really a good choice for a Sphinx mount either as it is VERY close to the weight limits, but I digress) and is finicky in many respects (though less so than a typical RC). At f/11, it is slow, but good for galaxy imaging.

So, basing off the mount and scope alone, I wouldn't accept less than $3500 for the lot seeing they are second hand (hopefully in good condition, and are second hand, not third or fourth hand). Mirror condition comes into play mostly here, as these are NOT simple to have resilvered (basically need to be resilvered at factory).

A difficult setup to resell. I don't envy your position.
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sphinx, tripod, vixen, vmc260l

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