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Any good narrow band imaging tutorials?

I'm interested in trying narrow band imaging, but I need a place to start so any beginners tutorials will be extremely helpful. Also the observatory I will be imaging with is offline because the mirrors are getting re-silvered so any raw archives which I can practice with would be extremely helpful. Also I have access to Hydrogen-Alpha, Oxygen-III and Sulfur-II filters, will I need any more?

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You could have a look at Ken's tutorials. http://www.imagingdeepsky.com/Presentations.html

There is one there for clipping masks and colour mapping for NB.

But it may be a little advanced if you have no experience.

http://bf-astro.com/hubblep.htm shows how to get hubble palette.

I can't upload raw files for you, it's a huge amount of data. 20meg per sub. Last image I did was 87 subs + flats + darks + bias files = 2520 mega bytes total.

That's 2.5 gig.

Here's the final image.
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Astrodon.com has a tutorial on how to do it. The best I know of.

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