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Televue 20mm Plossl
Submitted: Wednesday, 14th September 2005 by John (asimov)

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TV 20mm Plossl

The Televue 20mm Plossl eyepiece was tested in 2 scopes - my 12" f/5 newtonian giving 80x and my 6" acromatic refractor giving 60x..

The review will show a side-by-side comparison of how the eyepiece fared on a list of qualities in each scope.


On-axis sharpness This was good to excellent on all subjects.
Off-axis sharpness Excellent in both coma visible to my eye.
Contrast Very good to excellent.
Field Flatness Focusing on an object On-Axis & letting it drift to the edge of the field, I found  a SLIGHT amount of de-focusing was apparent. Better than some of my other EPs. I found this to be not overly bad. A fraction worse at F5 than at F8.
Light Transmission Was pretty good I would say.
Chromatic Abberations I noticed nil amount of this in both scopes.
Eye-Relief and Comfort Comfort wise, it was quite pleasant, the eyecap is great to use. eye relief is ok for me, a bit like most of my EPs.
Ghosting Absolutely nil in both scopes.
Scatter Better than most of my up-market EPs on Jupiter
Field Stop Condition Nothing abnormal to report.
Build Quality

What can I say? Top quality! The coatings are just wonderful to gaze at! A lovely deep green. Nicely blackened inner barrel & field stop etc. The only thing I didn't much care for is the field lens cap is too tight & takes a bit of effort to get off. The eye lens cap is too loose & will fall off if you turn the eyepiece up side down. A nice looking eyepiece, & nice to use.


I intend to buy more of these!

Review by John (asimov). Discuss this review on the IceInSpace Forums.

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