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Originally Posted by Liz View Post
Have bought a Toucam PRO 11, which seems to be the most popular for Astronomy, and have ordered a Mogg Adapter. Are there any good articles or instructions/tips etc on taking photos with it through Dobsonian. I have been through this Forum a bit, but lots of threads re Toucams .... anu other good websites?
Hi Liz

There's a few articles in the projects & articles section to get you started.

Astrophotography with a dob

and when you get more practise:

Planetary Imaging and Image Processing

I hope they help. Most importantly, keep asking questions.

Webcam astrophotography with a dob (no tracking) can be very frustrating, so just start with the moon. Ideally you need tracking to get serious with astrophotography, but learning with your dob is still a good way to get started.
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