Breaking News: Anthony Wesley records another impact on Jupiter!

In breaking news, Anthony Wesley reports another impact on Jupiter, this morning. In his words:

".. at approximately 20:30utc this morning I recorded a large fireball on Jupiter, it lasted a couple of seconds and was very bright.

This was a large fireball, but it doesn't seem to have left any mark, probably all gone in the upper atmosphere before it reached the clouds."

His preliminary image (a raw frame from the video) is shown below. The fireball can be seen in the upper left of frame. A link to Anthony's video and more details is posted on Anthony's site here: Jupiter Impact June 3 2010.

Stay tuned to IceInSpace for more, and for discussions, Anthony's breaking news thread is here.

Chris Go from the Phillipines was also recording Jupiter at the same time, and his video shows the impact - confirming that something definitely struck Jupiter! Chris was recording in the Blue channel, while Anthony was recording in the Red channel.

It's expected that a debris mark will be left behind during the next rotation of that longitude, and planetary astrophotographers will be on the lookout to record any dark spots left from the impact.

From Sky&Telescope:

"The location where the event occurred corresponds to the central meridian 300.1° system I, 34.1° system II, and 210.6° at system III, latitude 16° south. The region should be visible from about 4:00 to 6:30 UT on June 4th, favoring observers in Europe and Africa".

In an incredible coincidence, Hubblesite released a press release overnight saying that the July 19, 2009 impact (discovered by Anthony Wesley) was likely an asteroid. Follow the link to see the fantastic images of the 2009 "bird strike". Anthony is again at the right place at the right time, looking skywards towards Jupiter!

Stay tuned for more.

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