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Knots in Saturn's Rings

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/SSI

Cassini took this image of the Encke Gap in Saturn's Rings. It's a small division 300 km (190 miles) wide near the outer edge of the rings. A tiny moon called Pan orbits within this region, maintains the gap, and ties the particles into this knotted shape with its gravity. The image was taken while Cassini was 807,000 km (501,000 miles) away from Saturn.

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Portrait of Mimas in Saturn's Rings

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/SSI

Cassini took this amazing full colour picture of Saturn's moon Mimas set against the giant planet's rings. The bright swath next to Mimas is created by sunlight passing through the Cassini division; a gap in the rings. The dark band that stretches across the bottom of the picture is actually the shadow of Saturn's B ring, which is the densest. Cassini took this image when it was 3.7 million km (2.3 million miles) from Saturn.

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Updates and News!
Posted: {WAK_ARTICLE_CREATED:LONG:133} Posted: 3rd December 2004 by Mike Salway Comments

Site Updates!

Another few updates to announce..

Firstly, sorry for the lack of astronomy-related news updates on this main page over the last month. I've been busy with work, and busy getting the forum going, making slight changes to the forum to make it easier to use etc. But most of those changes are now settling down, so i'll spend some more time finding interesting astronomy news to post here. I've added a couple of new articles today.

On the site, you'll find:

  • A new review, of the Meade 10" LX200GPS, one beast of a telescope. Thanks to Stuart Welfare for providing a great review for the site.
  • A new Event Report, of a presentation given by David Reneke on the Central Coast during the week.
  • A new image of Saturn, my first taken with my new ToUcam hooked up to my 10" dob. How I wish for a longer focal length :)
  • A slightly older, but still new, Other Astro shot of Jupiter, the Moon and Venus when they were in a close grouping a few weeks back.

On the forums, you'll find:

  • New members signing up every week
  • Great discussions about all things astronomy, equipment, what's in the sky, astrophotography, etc.
  • A great place to discuss your favourite hobby with other people who have the same favourite hobby!

So, come and join us on the forum. It'll only take you 30 seconds to register! I'm still keen for astronomical clubs and societies to contact me to contribute to the Astronomy in the Community section.

Thanks and see you soon!

Clubs and Societies, We Need You!
Posted: {WAK_ARTICLE_CREATED:LONG:124} Posted: 19th November 2004 by Mike Salway Comments

The IceInSpace site now has a new section for Australasian Astronomical Clubs and Societies, and can be found on the left-hand-side menu. The section is divided into 2 categories:

  • Listings - where you can find a full listing of clubs and societies in Australia and NZ, their contact details etc.
  • Upcoming Events - where clubs and societies can announce an upcoming special event, star party, open night, etc.

I need your help to put some content in these sections, so whether you're a club member, secretary, treasurer or anyone else, please contact me and provide me the details you want to see on the site. If you belong to a club, contact your club officials and point them in the direction of this site! :)

I've added a couple of clubs in there just to show a bit of content, but more information such as location, viewing nights, etc can be posted so please contact me with your details!

Astronomy in the Community
Posted: {WAK_ARTICLE_CREATED:LONG:126} Posted: 24th November 2004 by Mike Salway Comments

Astronomy in the Community

I've made a few small changes to the subject of the most recent news post, the Clubs and Societies pages.

I've renamed the section to Astronomy in the Community, and have added a new sub-section called Event Reports. The new section is where you can read reports and see pictures of special events, star parties etc, that are contributed by readers of the site, and participants or organisers of the events.

As I said below, I need your help and your contributions to make the section interesting and worthwhile. Please speak with your club members or officials, and get them to contact me with details of their club, upcoming events, or reports of any recent events.

Future Robots May "Hop" Across Mars

Image Credit: Pioneer Astro

NASA's Spirit Rover has just completed a long hard slog across difficult Martian terrain to reach the Columbia hills. The short journey of just a couple of kilometres has taken Spirit months. Imagine if it could thoroughly analyze an area and then just pick up and fly somewhere new? NASA has awarded a contract to a proprosal from Pioneer Astronautics, which envisions a vehicle that could land on Mars, refuel with local materials, and then fly hundreds of kilometres to explore; repeating this process over and over again - the Martian Gashopper Aircraft.

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Mars Rovers: Still Squeezing Out Science

Image Credit: NASA/JPL

Those work-a-day robots – Spirit and Opportunity – remain steadfast in their Mars research duties. But scientists must face the day when each rover surrenders to electronic or mechanical breakdown, or falls victim to Mars itself.

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Contribute Your Reviews at IceInSpace!
Posted: {WAK_ARTICLE_CREATED:LONG:115} Posted: 11th November 2004 by Mike Salway Comments

IceInSpace Reviews

I've added a new section to the website, Reviews! Here you can check out reviews that other amateurs have done and contribute your own reviews.

A good review is worth a lot - it could answer the questions you wanted to know about a piece of equipment you were planning on buying.. it could point out positive and negative aspects to help you make a final decision on what brand or model of gear to buy.

The Reviews section will rely on your contributions to be successful, so get writing! I can't afford to buy a lot of new equipment in order to be able to review it, so I'll be relying on you! :)

Site Updates!
Posted: {WAK_ARTICLE_CREATED:LONG:120} Posted: 16th November 2004 by Mike Salway Comments

Site Updates

There's been a few updates to the site over the last 2 days, which warrant a news post..

Thanks to all those who have been supporting the site lately, especially on the IceInSpace Forums. I'd love to see more people signing up and participating on the forums, so please take the time to register and join in the fun!

New How-To, and New Images
Posted: {WAK_ARTICLE_CREATED:LONG:195} Posted: 15th April 2005 by Mike Salway Comments


Hi guys.

Ian Ogilvie (forum member stringscope) has written a great how-to guide for building your own observing table. Well worth checking out! See it at the How-To section.

I've also just finished uploading all of my recent planetary images and updating the planets page. So if you haven't seen them on the forums, you can see them now on the planets page.


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