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mario chiera
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whats best

Hi people,
I am new at astrophotography and am confused about the type of camera to buy.One minute I am told a digital SLR is best like the Cannon E 350D then that the Phillips Toucam 840 is best .Now I am being told I should get an SBIG or similar.
I have a 150mm SKYWATCHER PRO MAK and a 90mm MEAD REFRACTOR.
I dint have a big budget so please can anyone advise me what is the cheapest way out for me.
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what do you want to image?
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To elaborate on what Ving says, do you want to image planets or DSO? What type of mount do you have under your scopes, and how accurate are they?

Do you want to take terrestrial shots as well?
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In general a DSLR will give you a wide range of DSO objects to image with a fairly low cost and ease of use comparative to what images you can produce.

A toucam is only good for planets and lunar images.

The Sbig are great camera at high cost with a long learning curve.

Thats all I can provide with the above information.
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mario chiera
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Thanks Guys,
I should of mentioned I want to take photos of DSO mainly and planets.
I have a HEQ5 mount with a SKYSCAN goto.

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Unless you have money to burn, a DSLR is IMHO the best way to go, as an added bonus you can take daytime images, If you have the money the Canon EOS20DA is an excellent camera (Tony has one). Unfortunately the range of options you have listed is from a couple of hundred dollars for the ToUcam to upwards of $10,000 for the SBIG depending on model; the 20DA is around $3000 and has been developed by Canon for Atsrophotography. If your budget is tighter then the Canon EOS350D is also a good option at half the price of the 20DA, and can be used (and purchased) in it's standard form or modified specially for astro use.
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