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finding a website


Just would like to say I've found everyone here very friendly and helpful.
I've been trying to find a website that shows the location of the stars and planets at diffenet locations around the globe and at given times. I found one a couple months ago but I didn't bookmark it so I can't find it now. Or maybe there already is a link to one on this website but I haven't seen it. If anyone knows a good source please let me know. Thanks.
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I did manage to find a pretty good skymap thing that you can enter a location and time of your choice to find our where major stars and planets are located. Unfortunatley it isn't totally free, bummer. you get a 15day free trial then you have to pay I think $17 per month. www.relativedata.com then click on a link to MyStarsLive and you can choose a number of download options. If anyone knows of another one similar but free, that would be awesome!!
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Have you tried SkyViewCafe?

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or download cartes du ciel, its a free proggy.
also heavens above, give a online sky map, and planet and satelite rise/set times, etc.
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