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Old 03-08-2021, 12:21 PM

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Entertaining >>>> 700 vs 7,000,000: Astrophotography Shoot Out

Hi Folks,

Here is another entertaining astro based video on the likes of modest amateur v Multimillion dollar Observatory astro setups, for your consumption from a very engaging and talented Youtube presenter: "Astrobiscuit".

It's an interesting premise that given the limitations imposed by atmospheric seeing, a large observatory grade optic, whilst clearly ahead in light collection area, may not be that much better off, in terms of resolution, than maybe a 6inch or 8inch or whatever amateur sized scope.

The only part I don't overly agree with is that the 5s or so exposures will beat the seeing compared with much longer traditional exposure techniques. Whilst a 5s exposure may contain fewer fluctuations/cycles from good to bad seeing than say a 5 minute exposure, it still does not "beat the seeing" entirely as the frequency with which the seeing varies is considerably higher than could be "frozen" in say a 5s exposure. Just take a look at a good high res moon video to get an idea that the frequency is well into/past the say 5-10Hz range. Still, the 5s exposures v several minutes may be enough to have some effect. Who knows personally..... without trying (and controlling for all the possible variables)?

Anyway enjoy the view. and don't take it all too seriously.



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Old 03-08-2021, 01:59 PM
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Very entertaining.
I hope he gets the Big Amateur Telescope, up and running.
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Old 03-08-2021, 08:14 PM
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Yeah 5s is still long on the scale of seeing, at least on the solar system scale, but I’ve observed (read: PixInsight measured) differences in subs that are “short” (5-10s) compared with “long” (1m+)

Having selectively stacked them, it’s practically impossible to notice any difference.

More challenging with lots of shorter subs is ensuring the shots are sky limited and not read noise dominated. Oh and dithering is a nuisance with shorter subs too, as it wastes more photon collecting time.
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Old 04-08-2021, 06:20 AM
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I am going to try very short exposures many of them high gain 3x drizzle with the new and fast RASA 11 and if there is any hope to the idea I must come up with a decent photo. Main aspect will be high quantity culls. Each sub will need to be a master piece ot it does get into the stack...and as many as DSS can stack using 3x drizzle.
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