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Modern v ancient

How true.
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There are pet chooks here and they are so interesting to watch. The head rooster is such a caring bird...he will pick up a piece of food and give it to one of "his" girls and he will find a spot to laid eggs and calls them over.
My daughter took a young chicken under her wing and raised it in her computer room, it is so tame and is still living in the house, I know that is terrible but she follows it around and cleans up...anyways I cant really say anything cause even though its my house I told them its theirs...back to chooks...the indoor one is a rooster so he cant go out with the others cause the head rooster will kill him....so we need to set up another run and get him some "girls" ...and I look at them and think about their ancestors...and wonder if t rex could be house trained.
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Convergent evolution??
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