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Old 03-04-2022, 02:58 PM
Eq6r pro

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ZWO 5V EAF on a skywatcher ED80 black diamond

Hey guys,
I purchase a ZWO 5v EAF for my skywatcher black diamond ed80. I managed to install it with the included bracket.

Just wondering if anyone else has installed this on the same telescope because there are a few issues.

the sleeve that comes with the EAF does not fit all the way into the EAF as the focusing shaft on the telescope side sits too far into the shaft and hits the saft from the EAF. I have managed to secur it but is not all the way in. Hopefully that isn't an issue.

without the locking screw the fcus shaft falls out with the weight of a dslr camera. I have read that when the EAF is on it should stop it from doing that. With it powered off though the saft will slide out and I am assuming I will lose zero position for the EAF.

Thanks in advance guys.

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Old 05-04-2022, 08:17 PM
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Hi Dilsh,

I could be wrong but if the focus tube slides out it means the grub screws on the eaf side can't be gripping on the EAF shaft. The focus tube should not move with or without power once connected(unless you command it to). I had to modify 2 out of 3 zwo brackets for my eafs to work properly. Even when I purchased one especially designed for my esprit 120. I had to modify it and machine the coupling to fit the scope.
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Old 21-05-2022, 12:14 AM
evltoy (Wayne)
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I have an EAF on my ED80, ED120 and SCT. It takes all but 5mins to install correctly.

The coupling (silver springy thing) that come with the EAF dose not go inside the housing of the focuser. So saying that the ED80 focuser shaft only goes half way into the coupling and the coupling does not touch the housing.

On the EAF side, you will find a flat spot on the shaft. Make sure one of the the grub screws sits flush onto the flat part of the shaft. This will prevent any slipping on the EAF side.

If the tube is slipping out you may have touched/loosen the wrong grub screws when mounting the bracket onto the focuser. If this the case you need to set the right tension of the focuser shaft to the tube to prevent slipping, but not too tight to place unnecessary load that can damage the tube or shaft.

Make sure you are not attaching the EAF to the dual focuser side.
Make sure you have the right coupling, there should be 4 of them.
Make sure to load the coupling. This will reduce the amount of backlash

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