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Ballooning Season

It's ballooning season in the central west...but not the hot air type! Arachnids are on the move. Nature is just amazing! Spiders weave webs into balloon shaped orbs that catch the breeze and float through the air. If you stand still outdoors for more than a few minutes, you start to grow cobwebs. Everything is covered in webs. This morning, we had our first heavy fog that made their handy work especially visible.
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Remarkable. Thanks. Where would we be without the spiders.?
Drowning in insects I would think.
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Very cool images with the dew drops clinging to the webs.

Probably not a good day for arachnophobes...
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They're excellent Joe
When I initially saw the thumbnails of your first 2 images i thought you'd photographed the sea. Then I opened them .... WOW that's grass!!! Those images took me back a few years ago now, with news stories and surreal images of various areas/towns in NSW and I think NE Vic that were overrun by spiders and their webs.

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