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Which digital camcorder?

Hi all
The Minister of Finance has decided we need a digital handycam.
Seeing as though its my job to do the research and find the best one, I thought I might as well find one that I can have ago at a little astrophotography.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
To be of any good for astro use, what sort of things should I be looking for? From reading on here, I am guessing something with a good range of manual controls? Good in low light? What other sorts of things.
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That basically covers it, good in low light, adjustable controls such as exposure, gain, white balance etc. and ideally something that can record straight into the computer (firewire or similar).

You'll also need an adapter to be able to hold it up to the eyepiece.

As you've only got the 10" dob, you'll need to do the old tricks described in my article to get enough frames, so record each pass as it drifts through the eyepiece and then use virtual dub to join them together.

As for brands or any other info on digi camcorders, I can't help you sorry.
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Gday Smokey

I purchased a Canon 700i Mini DV about a year ago.
Superb camera..I highly recommend it for ease of use.
Ive not yet managed to use it for astro pix as yet but its just a matter of finding an adapter.

It is a breeze to edit and capture the video too...athough Id recommend a reasonable pc to capture..& firewire. It also has a nice feature where you can plug older analogue cams in and convert them to digital...

Anyway some specs are here..Im sure you can find some reviews with google.




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