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Only ONE Telescope - Entertaining

Hi Folks,

Here is to my mind an entertaining video on picking just ONE scope. All the usual contenders are there. I'm sure opinions vary, but it's something to pass the time. Caveat: he doesn't mention it, as one of his selection rules, but there seems to be a $$$ limit.

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Ed Ting does have some interesting choices of telescope. I like one of the first comments ... the best telescope is the one you use most. Could not agree more. I have had some great scopes but it comes down to personal preference of what you are going to use it for.

Not sure of the budget with a Tak FS102 / FC100 (4 inch Tak flourite), Celestron C9.25 and an Orion XT8. The cheap one won out as that is what he keeps going back to. I agree with you, opinions will differ and it is subjective to experience, those unique moments you share with others when using scopes, etc.

I do like the fact he makes comment about an EM200 mount cost and then mentions how many Taks he has had or still has) ..
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